Torn and stitched paper in 3D!

Still Life box by Jane Wolfe
I had intended to add a few of these images to my newsletter, but this collection of work is so good, I wanted to write more about them, so I am writing an extra blog post. The three students mentioned today are on the current online Experimental Textiles course.
When drawing and painting is not normally part of your practice, it can very daunting to paint and draw a still life. I don't ask students to draw for the sake of making a picture, I ask so they can actively look at line and form. The spaces in between, the composition.

Above - Jane's still life. Below - the still life drawing

Jane's finished box. The still life was stuck to orange cotton then cut to shape and folded.
To make drawing and painting a still life less terrifying, I tell my students they will be tearing their work up when the they have finished drawing and painting. This helps to take away the fear of what the finished drawing or painting will look like. To make it more fun, the group were asked to create a 3D form from their torn and stitched paper.

When I taught Experimental Textiles in person (that still sounds strange), it was easier to help students over come their fears. Teaching online makes that a bit more difficult, although Zoom calls with each student do help.
The following 3 images are from September 2014 in Redditch where I taught a monthly weekend version of Experimental Textiles for 5 years. 
For the still life weekend I set up a large scale still life. Students could choose where to sit. Choosing their compositions and section of the still life. Various drawings and painted versions were created. One was chosen to tear and stitch into.

I do love looking back on all my teaching. I was privileged to teach some great groups. 

Now I am teaching online I need to handle things a little differently, but my goodness the students are doing well. Really throwing themselves into the course.

On with the current work -
One of Tamara's still lifes.
Tamara's board in her studio.

The torn still life ready to create a vessel.

2 of Tamara's vessels

Some great hand stitch on the painted paper.
Another stitched vessel.

And here is Sue's colourful work . .

Sue's painted still life

The painted still life torn in to strips and machine stitched together.

Sue's finished bowl, isn't it FAB?
It is a challenge teaching a 10 month online course, not everyone is at the same stage, but the group chat on the website and regular contact on Zoom really does help everyone feel they are all working together.
That's it for now - I just wanted to share this great work. . . 
x x x


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