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Workshops on Jersey - part the second . . .

 A fabulous double print on the page of an old book.  The third one day workshop at The Harbour Gallery on Jersey was a fast paced version of The Journey. The group worked really hard and produced some fabulous designs. The Journey is a design exercise I developed when I wrote, developed and taught the 4 year version of Experimental Textiles in what seems another lifetime ago. I have taught this exercise as far afield as Australia and New Zealand. It always gets great results. It is also in my book Experimental Textiles, named after my course.      The 7 Journeys all lined up together.    2 sections taken from the 7 Journeys hanging on the wall.   We also played with the 'expanded' exercise that I love. Great for getting students to look at 'the spaces in between'. Taking sections from The Journeys with 'L' shapes and tracing paper. Creating original designs. Starting to cut the printing blocks from the designs. I

Workshops on Jersey - part the first . . .

A great torn and layered paper sample. I love teaching on Jersey at The Harbour Gallery . It's a great space, right next to the cafe . . all that fabulous food, and of course, cake.  My first workshop was at a local girls school, Beaulieu. We had a session with torn newspaper and magazines and Bondaweb. The girls produced some fabulous samples that could then be interfaced and stitched, or made into boxes, jewelry . . . Here a few of the great samples from Beaulieu school - Aren't they good?  That evening I opened the Diversity exhibition at The Harbour Gallery, a very talented group of textile artists were showing their work. The opening of the exhibition was well attended and there were several sales. There was lovely atmosphere, a great buzz. Whatever exhibition is on, The Harbour Gallery is a great place to wander around with many resident artists along with craft and art supplies. I was booked to teach 3 one day work

On the joys of a good boat bottom . . Jersey September 14th.

 Beautifully proportioned lines.  I have had a couple of days to rest between workshops this week. I have just about shaken off the very lovely - not - infection in my lung. It affected my voice box so I had no voice for 7 days. This has never happened to me before - no voice. It was a very peculiar feeling not to be able to communicate with my voice. I am well on the road back to being fighting fit again, but it does remind me I do need to look after myself a bit more carefully. Note to self - eat more greens!!! I am on Jersey to deliver 3 workshops at The Harbour Gallery over the coming weekend. It is great to be back here. It's been 3 years since I was here last. I love coming over here and it good to have some time with Pat Robson, the Force Majuer behind The Harbour Gallery . Pat is great fun and there is always something good happening at the gallery.  Like most of you who read this blog, I love wandering around harbours and piers. There are always wonderful distress