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Having fun on the Zoom workshops.

Painted and textured Tyvek and painted Lutradur cut with a soldering iron. Workshop 6 - Zap, Pow, Slash & 3D. Well it's been a busy few weeks. We had another shoot for the new website. I think we have everything we need now. Today we were shooting with a drone for some landscape shots around the house. I think we can safely say Fizz and Pop are not fans of drones.  They HATED the noise and the hovering. So much for having shots of them from above gamboling happily in my field. Never mind - we tried. David has already taken all the photos of my photos, we had fun moving the furniture around to get the 'feel' for each image. It will be great to be able to sell my work online. Here are few images of David from  Lukewarm Volcano at work.   I am really looking forward to seeing these shots on the new website.  *** The Show and Tell for Raising the Surface went well. I am so glad I decided to do a show and tell 2 weeks after each workshop. It means I get to see what the grou