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Up coming courses . . .

   Playing with colour. I have three courses coming up in December and they all have spaces, so if you fancy two or three days away to recharge your batteries, then you might like to consider coming out to play!   Water colour paper colour washed then torn, then colour washed on the torn edge - simply beautiful.   On December 4 th - 6 th I will be delivering a 3 day workshop - Colour Works! at Art Van Go.  This is a new course especially written for Art Van Go and will involve paint ing you own colour wheel and a tints, tones and shades chart. After this we wi ll be colour washi ng all w eights and types of papers to manip ulate and play with shapes and overlaying c olours. Whether you wi sh to work in two or three di mensions this will be three days of colour, pl ay and stitch. There should be time to create a considered stitched sample or 3d piece .  Working with colour is something we all need to do regularly to help us bu i ld our confiden ce when choos

Making printing blocks, Foredown Tower, 17th - 18th November

 One of Val's beautiful prints on black paper.  I love teaching at Foredown Tower, the views are amazing and you feel as though you are in the middle of nowhere, not just off the A27. It is very peaceful.    Just the Downs and the sky. Making Printing Blocks was a course I really wanted to run, it is important to be able to design your own blocks and print your own fabrics and papers, it is what makes your work different to everyone elses. There were four intrepid students on the course which meant we had plenty of room to spread out. Because I run these courses myself, I don't need to have a certain number of students booked before I can run them. It is a great luxury and I am able to work more closely with less students - poor students . . .     We started off by deciding which designs would work best and taking sections from previously made designs.   These blocks were created from one of Lea's designs showing the 'positive' and 'negativ

A New Starting Point with Worthing Embroiders Guild - 15th November

A rather delicious 'pretty'.   I apologise for the rather woeful delay in writing this post, I haven't been this behind for ages. What with teaching over the weekend and being a bit busier I am a wee bit behind with answering emails and all the usual admin.  I am rather fond of the Worthing Embroiderers Guild. Being local to me I have delivered several workshops and lectures over the past few years and many of them turn up from time to time on other workshops. So I was looking forward to spending a sparkly day with them last Thursday. The workshop was 'A new starting point' - my newspaper based one day workshop.     A few of the ladies getting stuck into their 'pretties'. The Guild hold their meetings and workshops in a fabulous room with plenty of power and light, it was a great treat to work in there. The plan was to create some 'pretty' backgrounds to print onto and also create a faux chenille sample using newspaper an

ExTex 7th weekend - playing with Vilene Spunbond

 Emma had great fun layering papers with her transfer prints. Here is the second part of the 7th weekend of ExTex, a little late but as usual I have been out and about spreading the joy of textiles!!!! The Sunday saw the girls experimenting further with the disperse dyes (transfer paints), ironing them onto Vilene Spunbond and other synthetics that were lurking around. They had such a good time with these dyes on the 6th weekend and wanted to try some more samples. As we were using synthetics the group used soldering irons to cut the fabrics and heat guns to distress them.  Disperse dyes painted on to paper and then ironed onto synthetic fabric.   Transfer printed fabric decorated with painted Bondaweb and gilding flake. A transfer print further decorated with stitch.   Vilene Spunbond printed with a paper bag.      Transfer printed Vilene Spunbond that was then distressed with a heat gun.  Torn transfer paper ironed off randomly then decorated w