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Metal with ExTex 4 January 9th & 10th

A rather splendid sample by Nadine. Here I am FINALLY, sorry this has been delayed. Have had a bit of a struggle with WIFI access while I am traveling in New Zealand. It can be a problem uploading a lot of photos. The 7th weekend of Experimental Textiles is a 'students choice'. The group negotiate what they would like to learn. I have to put my hands up to guiding them towards working with metal. It is a great material to work with, the girls had a fun time working with all the supplies they brought into class. A great bundle of fun to sort out and manipulate. Different metal shims, embossed or coloured with alcohol inks. Embossed copper embossed and cut to shape. Of course - sweet papers were an integral part of the workshop. This was a fun table full of materials - an old vegetable rack, tin foil and packs of covered metal wire. These samples were made by layering different metal shims with washers. Drinks cans came in very use