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Six new videos and a wonderful party!

Baby wipe applique. I have had a busy and fun week. I made nine new videos with Jamie Malden of Colouricious on Thursday. We combined products from and the printing blocks from The new videos can be accessed on the left of the blog. They use polyester organza, Decovil 1, Decovil 1 light, S133, transfer foils and baby wipes!  It is always great fun making videos with Jamie - she relaxes you and we get a lot done.  Decovil 1 clutch bag decorated with transfer foil and a fossil printing block.    Decovil 1 decorated with torn newspaper strips, printed with small printing blocks and then defined with machine stitch. I thoroughly enjoyed creating the projects, particularly the printed polyester applique.  Printed polyester ironed onto Bondaweb and cut out with a soldering iron.  Decovil 1 light colour washed with a very dilute solution of acrylic paint and then decorated with torn newspaper. This was then print

Updates on Kim's workshops 2014

  A collage created from a section of 'The Journey' by Helen Fallowfield.   Helen finished the four year version of Experimental Textilesten years       ago  - and still refers to her design sources from the course as inspiration for current work. I am teaching this design workshop at Art Van Go June 1th and 11th - see below. Hello everyone - Happy Friday! I am not teaching many workshops this year as I am doing so many shows. Many of you are not used to going onto my diary either on this blog or my website to see where and when I am teaching, so this post may help. I am teaching at a new venue in Brighton, the first weekend is in July - there may be more to follow if we can sort out dates.  Have a read and see if there is anything you fancy - there are at least two places left on all the courses at the time of writing this post. I hope to see some of you soon. Any questions? - email me - Here are some images from last years Creating Origin

The 25th Wanaka Autumn Art School - April 28 - May 2, Part the third.

   As darkness falls over Lake Wanaka.  Apologies for being so woefully behind with this blog, I am still catching up. This is the final post about the The Wanaka Autumn Art School    With the weather changing and getting colder almost every day there were some fabulous skies over Wanaka - this is a picture of the sky as we were leaving class during the week - just beautiful. It got quite cold while I was in Wanaka. I could have done with some gloves and had to buy a fleece. I hadn't realised it would be quite so chilly. The five days that I had with my group were just a joy - they worked so hard, but also had fun. They also shared a lot of materials which always helps. I have already shown you the main work from the course, but as is usual on longer workshops, there is a chance to develop ideas . . . .   Collages of painted Bondaweb, large leaves and the odd printing block mounted onto old book pages.

The 25th Wanaka Autumn Art School - April 28 - May 2, Part the second.

A gorgeous sample that has plenty of foil and gilding flake - scrummy. Well I'm home . . . and just about awake. I feel as though I have been away for 3 years, it was a fantastic break, but now there is a lot to catch up on. has been busy while I was away with sales of the new KK glue going well.  Some of the colour washed papers drying on the floor. So . . . . .  Back to Wanaka. I had the most fantastic week with this group, they worked really hard and played very nicely together, sharing materials and tools. This always helps a group to 'gel' faster.   As the group produced so much brilliant work I have had to split what they got up to into 3 posts. This post is about the tearing and layering of paper with painted Bondaweb. We were using old books as well as newspaper. There was a bit of resistance to tearing up books by a couple of students - but once they saw we were using old books and atlases that were falling apart, they felt a l