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Teaching in Ireland 2018

Guinea fowl by Krystyna Pomeroy The Kilbaha Summer School I now have all my teaching here in Ireland organised for 2018.  I will still be doing Festival of Quilts and the Knitting and Stitching Shows at Ally Pally and in Dublin and Harrogate. I will also be doing the Fashion and Embroidery show in March at the NEC Birmigham. So I will be about in the UK.    My house viewed from my field. Look. Draw. Stitch. I will be offering 9 weekends of Look. Draw. Stitch. There is a page on my website if you would like all the dates and details - /  The idea of these weekends is to get back to basics. To look at what I consider to be the basic skills you need to create original work. It is all very simple, but not something we tend to do unless we are pushed - ever so gently!!!!  The view from my house. It isn't always sunny . . . !   Some of the lichen on the local dry stones walls is so long - it waves at you as you

The Unknown Road . . .

The beginning of my collection of limpet shells, with holes in. I have had a few days off to explore County Clare a bit more. My friend Jill has been staying for a week and between answering emails and bookings and all my usual admin I have got out and about. Although we are now in October and the light is generally low - we didn't have too much rain and actually had a few days when the sun shone. We, and several other friends, all adore the lichen on the walls over here. Some if it grows so long it waves at you as you go by! It makes for a beautifully subtle colour palette.    One place that I have been to visit that is quite local to me, 40 minutes drive, is Vandeleur Walled Gardens.  It has always been highly recommended, and now I have visited this fabulous place, I can understand why. What a treasure to have so close by.   The walled garden would be a joy at any time of the year with all the quirky colours and structures. The gardeners ar