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Uzbekistan April 2025 - Yeehaaaa

Gur-e Mir (Tomb of the Emir) Samarkand It's happening!! Hurrah!!   The Textile & Architecture Journey of Uzbekistan 2025 with Kim Thittichai is now up on AAhilya Holidays website - here is the link - As you can probably imagine, I am so very excited about this trip . I have always been fascinated by The Silk Road. The colours, the designs. The wonderful structure of the buildings. The huge rounded forms against the stunning blue skies. Bibi Khanum Mosque, (dome over the north iwan) Samarkand Bibi Khanum Mosque, Samarkand Bibi Khanum Mosque (courtyard), Samarkand We will have opportunities to work in sketchbooks as we travel around these amazing cities. Do these images make you feel energised and wanting to explore? Do you fancy joining me? Madrasah and minaret of Islam Khodja and Soviet school, Khiva Kalyan Minar, Bukhara Chor Minar, Bukhara Registan

Gorgeous colour in the sky and in my work

5pm on October 30th   5.16pm on October 30th Well it is November - so we do expect to have storms here on the west coast of Ireland. Storm Ciaran has passed over Ireland and is now thrashing parts of the UK. It has been pretty windy and the rain has been horrendous. We have had a lot of local flooding. However the house is fine, everything outside is a bit squidgy and soaking wet. Taking the dogs out is fun at the moment! Though with everything that is happening in the world at the moment, I certainly can't complain . .  With the nights drawing in, in the northern hemisphere, the sun is setting earlier and earlier. We have been enjoying some rather beautiful sun sets. The colours are quite remarkable, the images above were taken within 16 minutes of each other. Living out here on the edge certainly has it's advantages. I think you can see where I get the inspiration from for my work.   5.27pm on October 27th I particularly love it when the