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Geelong Fibre Forum 2023 - the people who make it happen

Bronnie and Larissa, what a team!   This is the last of 5 daily blog posts about The Geelong Fibre Forum 2023. It was important to me to record as much as I could about my students, their work and all the fun . . . and my dear friends. To see the first post and then the others - go to - Geelong Fibre Forum 2023 The organisation of an event the size of the Geelong Fibre Forum is mind blowing. It is all run by volunteers!! The main 2 being Bronnie and Larissa. How they manage to run The Geelong Fibre Forum every year, whilst working full time and running homes and families - I really don't know. Thank you so much lovely girls, this was a fantastic forum. This year was particularly special for several reasons. One being that Bronnie and Larissa had an exhibition of their own work. It was a real treat to see what they love creating. The opening party was fabulous, very much enjoyed by everyone. Bronnie & Larissa opening the exhibition Lots of happy talk and discussion about the wor

Geelong Fibre Forum - part the fourth

A small selection of work from our exhibition on the Friday night   Welcome to the 4th blog post this week. If you have missed any of the first 3, you can catch up here - It always amazes me, when you look around the class room the first morning of the first day of a workshop and there is nothing on the tables apart from the students bags and stuff. And then . . the magic happens. This group was particularly special, they worked through everything I asked of them with good humour and trust. And boy were we rewarded. From The Journey and making blocks, through the 'backgrounds and prettys' technique to experimenting with the S133, Decovil 1 and Decovil 1 light. The heavier iron on interfacings. Sally created the first of 2 3D forms that nested together very quickly   The second of Sally's structures   I have been experimenting recently with forming these interfacings with heat. Whilst they are not

Geelong Fibre Forum 2023 - part the third

Simone and Kath cutting the S133 - the big boy!!!   So - we have worked through The Journey design exercise , we have made printing blocks from the isolated designs. Then we created some fabulous torn paper and painted Bondaweb surfaces using my 'Background & Pretty' technique.   Decovil 1 and Decovil 1 light, cut and rolled ready for the group to use   And then, I brought out the the heavy interfacings!!  Decovil 1 and Decovil light are leather-like interfacings for making bags, but we can do so much more with them. They are great for making book covers and small boxes and vessels. The S133 interfacing is my favourite. It is very stiff, like cardboard and fabulous for making tall vessels.  All 3 interfacings have fusible web on one side, so you can iron fabric onto them, or more importantly for me - the torn paper pieces the group had been creating. Vlieseline Australia and New Zealand kindly sponsored my workshop with these wonderful interfacings. It made a massive di

Geelong Fibre Forum 2023 - part the second

Gorgeousness by Wilma And then this happened . . . It is very satisfying when you have developed a process and your students really run with it. A New Starting Point is a workshop I developed in 2012 when I was playing with old papers and scraps of painted Bondaweb - and of course, a bit of sparkle. The process became a great 1 - 2 day workshop that can be slotted into a 5 day workshop quite nicely. The great thing is your work doesn't have to look like anything, there is no pressure. The torn and layered process creates a great background to print onto. And then you can iron your work onto a heavy interfacing to create boxes, book covers . . more of that tomorrow. Layers of torn paper, card, transfer foil and Hot Spots The group working happily away The 'backgrounds and prettys' process creates luscious layers with lovely torn edges. I think it is my favourite process out all the techniques and processes I use. I start the students with my way of creating layers, then they