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It helps to read the small print - view my teaching videos indefinitely.

Printed and painted Bondaweb, ironed onto black cotton and decorated with torn skeleton leaves, gilding flake and herringbone stitch. It always helps to read the small print in a contract!!! I have been continuing to pay the monthly subscription to Ruzuku so that students who are currently on workshops can get their work finished before I stop teaching online on May 27th. Since inquiring about deleting my subscription to Ruzuku, I have discovered that the students currently on workshops, and any that enrol before midnight on Tuesday 26th May , can view the workshops and videos INDEFINITELY. So if you were put off enrolling on a workshop because you thought the workshops wouldn't be available after the end of May, we were both wrong. So - here are the links again - 30% off as there are no more inspiration books to send out. Only use these links to enrol. The links on the website are full price. To find out more about the workshops have a look here - http://kimthitticha