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Spaces on workshops further afield . . . . Jersey and Canberra!

'Flipping out' is one of the exercises we use on this design based workshop. So - My courses at The Jersey Textile Showcase next week are almost full. Filling workshops is always a worry, no matter how long you have been teaching. There are just two places left on 'The Journey'. An afternoon workshop to indulge in the joys of basic design exercises. Saturday 8th March. The first three images below give you an idea of what we will be up to. Moving further away - to the other side of the world - Canberra to be specific, there are six places left on my two day design based workshop on the 5th and 6th of April. This is the most important workshop I teach as it generates completely original designs and you leave with several printing blocks that can be used to print onto fabric or paper. My course Experimental Textiles is based around this workshop. It is great fun and so very useful.   So if you fan

ExTex 2 - The last weekend - before the end of year show!

  A close detail of Barbara's pebble pool. It is wonderful when a plan comes together - especially if you never quite know how things will end. With the benefit of experience you know things SHOULD work out how you wish - but you can never guarantee an outcome. I can't tell you how delighted I am with the work the ExTex 2 girls have produced. Experimental Textiles is non accredited course - there is no certificate at the end of it - just an amazing body of work and more confidence in yourself and your work. Because we don't need to tick boxes to please examination boards, I am able to work individually with each student. This is very rewarding and crucial for their personal development. I will continue to teach the course at the IDC studios at The Old Needle Works in Redditch. It is right next to the railway and bus station and has easy access to the local motorways and airports. I already have students enrolled for June that are flying from Scotland and dr

The NEW KK glue - available early March

First - find your stencil. This is the post I wanted to publish on Valentines Day - but my old laptop died on me and I couldn't work out how to sort out the photos on here using my new MacBook Air. I am slowly mastering 'Mac speak', being a PC dinosaur it is taking some time . . . . KK Glue is a new, very soft powdered glues that has practical as well as decorative applications. It can be used to turn up hems, for applique and for patching clothes - but I like it best for use with stencils and transfer foils. The glue can used on anything you can iron - T shirts, jeans, card, wood . . . . I will be selling it through and Art Van Go will also be selling it. 50g will be around £5.90. I decorated a T shirt to wear on Valentines evening.  I chose a heart shaped stencil from the vast range at As the design finished very close to the edge of the stencil I masked off the area that I thought a 'bodger' like me would nee