The NEW KK glue - available early March

First - find your stencil.

This is the post I wanted to publish on Valentines Day - but my old laptop died on me and I couldn't work out how to sort out the photos on here using my new MacBook Air. I am slowly mastering 'Mac speak', being a PC dinosaur it is taking some time . . . .

KK Glue is a new, very soft powdered glues that has practical as well as decorative applications. It can be used to turn up hems, for applique and for patching clothes - but I like it best for use with stencils and transfer foils. The glue can used on anything you can iron - T shirts, jeans, card, wood . . . .
I will be selling it through and Art Van Go will also be selling it.
50g will be around £5.90.

I decorated a T shirt to wear on Valentines evening. 
I chose a heart shaped stencil from the vast range at

As the design finished very close to the edge of the stencil I masked off the area that I thought a 'bodger' like me would need not throw glue powder all over the the T shirt. I'm not a very neat or dainty sprinkler!!!

I then lightly sprinkled the glue over the stencil. Lifting the stencil off the powder was another challenge for me but I rose to the challenge womanfully!

The glue powder was then ironed to 'fix' with baking parchment.
       You can tell when the glue powder is 'done', it melts and goes clear - as with Bondaweb and Hot Spots you wait for the glue to cool before you remove the baking parchment.

                                        . . .  well clearish . . .

You can then iron foil onto your gluey design. You need a hot ish iron to melt the glue - cotton - and a cooler one to heat the foil - around the wool mark. Always use the foil colour side up and protect it with baking parchment. If the foil puckers with heat it won't release the colour.

When the glue has cooled, remove the foil. It should come away smoothly, if it 'tugs', it is still warm. Notice that there is the positive shape of the design left on the stencil to use later on the Bondaweb.
Whilst powdered glue isn't ideal for use with stencils - ( you do need a steady hand) I do love the effect. I find the not quite sharp edges to the design very pleasing. When I come back from my trip down under I shall be having a range of stencils cut with the help of the lovely Claire Pain of

It doesn't have to stop there - the design that is left on the foil can be ironed off onto Bondaweb. It is important to be aware that the the clear plastic that is left once the foil has been removed from the sheet can stick to any kind of glue - and not come off - however, if there is enough colour left in the design this technique can work. 
So - sprinkle the glue through the stencil, remove stencil, fix glue and foil . . . .

Foiled glue.

Iron a sheet of Bondaweb onto your fabric - then iron the design that is left on the foil onto it - (using baking parchment). Remove the foil when it is cool. Hopefully the foil will come away cleanly. You can then iron a contrasting colour foil over the Bondaweb to fill the exposed areas.

Like so . . . .
Here is another design . . . 

And this is the heart shape that I used earlier . . . .  The plastic that was left around the design did stick a bit and pull a bit of the Bondaweb off - but it still looked good. It gave a more  . .  distressed look.

If you use Jones Tones foils with KK Glue then your foiled shape will be washable. Please note that most foils are not washable, but if you don't need to wash your design, it wont be a problem. I hope this all makes sense???? I do love having a new product to play with.
I will post more photos when I can work out how to get them onto my Mac, into Photoshop Elements and on to here . . . . . 


                                  Hello Jill - hello Diana . . .  x x x x


  1. Fabulous darling! And welcome to the world of Mac, you'll never go back to PC land!


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