The Full Works - 2 day workshop, Solihull Embroiderers Guild 17th & 18th July

 3 layers of 75gm Tyvek layered with polyester organza.

The Full Works is my basic workshop learning how to use heat tools. We work with Tyvek, Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond and painted Bondaweb. 
Solihull Embroiderers Guild is a great group. Good fun and well organised. Have a look at their website. All Guilds can do with new members, if you fancy joining, you won't be disappointed.  and the website -

We started off painting up all the products which took a couple of hours. It is important for students to know how to paint up all the products if they want to do this kind of work at home. When working with heat distressable materials, it is important not to paint them too thickly or the paint will form a barrier.

 Painting up the products.

 Painting Bondaweb.

Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond.

We started off playng with the Tyvek, laying it between 2 sheets of baking parchment and 'stroking' it with the iron. The Tyvek bubbles up and creates a fabulous texture. It is important not press the iron onto the Tyvek or nothing will happen.

 Distressed Tyvek.

Layering Tyvek is fun. Here we have layered 3 sheets of 75gm with polyester organza and then free machine stitched the layers together. The layers were then zapped with a heat gun to reveal the different layers.

 Zapped layered Tyvek.

 Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond also zaps well with a heat gun. You get a fabulous 'crunchy' edge. It is important to keep the colours subtle or you wont notice the the edges.

 'Crunchy' edges.

Polyester organza also zaps well with a heat gun and looks great when layered with the Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond.

 Zapping polyester organza with a heat gun.

Working with painted Bondaweb is still my favourite technique. It is so simple and creates such fabulous effects, a superb background for stitch.

Painted Bondaweb samples.
Painted Bondaweb decorated with fabric snips, transfer foil, mica flakes and distressed Tyvek shapes.

Then is was time to work with the soldering irons. Bondaweb was ironed onto the back of the Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond. With the backing paper still on, soldering irons were used to cut shapes out. The shapes were lifted off the backing paper and then ironed onto a background. Basically applique, but cut with a soldering iron rather than a pair of scissors.

 Cut shapes ironed onto a toning background. I love the way the colours and shapes bleed in and out.

 You can only cut the Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond as fast as it will melt - so it is very relaxing to cut. 

It was good fun working with the Solihull Guild and the ladies who joined us from Birmingham Embroiderers Guild were also very good value.
Many thanks to all of you for working so hard. I hope you enjoy stitching into your samples.


I am off to Redditch to teach my new ExTex girls at the weekend - we will be making printing blocks from the designs they isolated last month.  Then I am on a course for a few days actually being a student for a change.  I am very much looking forward to it. Then it is onto The Festival of Quilts and running the stand for Vilene. I think the recuperation is over . . . 

More next week.

Jill - 4 sleeps to go!! Whoo hoo. x


  1. Only 3 now, last chance to cut down on food before the expanding waist band xxxx

    1. Well the vertiginous hill should help with that - I will attempt it this year!!! Can't wait to see you. x

  2. Fabulous work! Love the layers with the Tyvek, and all the texture and colour.


  3. This is so fabulous. The textures and colour mix are pure genius. Love it!


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