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Upcoming workshops and planning ahead!

Painted Bondaweb decorated with snips of polyester organza and hand stitch. Hot Textiles workshop. I am now back in the swing of things, I hadn't quite appreciated that the knee op would also affect my brain!!! It has taken a long time to get back to 'normal'. I have been planning several trips, both here and New Zealand, and am looking at what is coming up. There are a couple of spaces left on my workshop for the North Kent Guild in Meopham, Kent this weekend. (June 27th) The workshop is Hot Textiles. If you are interested do email  *   There are also a couple of spaces left on my workshop 'Colourworks' at The Bridge, Brighton the following weekend July 4th & 5th. We will take a look at colour theory (we all need it!) and then go on to tear, cut, curl, pleat and manipulate paper to create beautiful, colourful vessels, book covers or a wall piece. phone 01273 687053   *  Lo

ExTex 4 Weekend 1 June 13th & 14th

The girls getting stuck in. We have started again - Experimental Textiles 4 has begun. There are 9 students in the group, Trisha, Karen, Caroline, Rosie, Anna, Jackie, Catherine, Joe and Nadia. They are a fabulous group, coming from all areas of the UK, Scotland, Manchester and North Yorkshire as well as the Birmingham area. We had a great time together over the weekend. In the first session we work on design formulae and isolate designs ready to make printing blocks in the next session. We started off by painting 'The Journey'. Building up the shapes and lines. The students are asked to paint a journey, it could be a walk on the moon, through an enchanted forest or taking the children to school. It doesn't have to be representational. The 9 journeys all lined up. Sections taken from the journeys. The next design exercise was one I use called 'Expanded'. And then the next exercise was 'flipping out'. The