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On the Surface - Plus! Bideford - 22nd June

Painted Bondaweb decorated with sparkles and artichoke seeds. The last day of the 'tour' saw me teaching in Bideford. (well just outside). I didn't get a chance for a wander about and it looked like a great place to wander - I hope to get back there next year for a bit longer. The workshop was held in a modern hall with all a tutor could desire, plenty of power, plenty of light and loads of space - a great place for a party . . .  The workshop was On the Surface- Plus. The 'Plus' was the addition of Tyvek and Spunbond to the days events. It was more of a taster day and I think I tried to do too much with the group but they were very good and kept up.  The group working hard with the painted Bondaweb and Tyvek drying on the floor.      Getting to grips with painted Bondaweb and all the sparkles.  The usual On the Surface workshop concentrates on the wonderful Bondaweb and all you can do with it. Foiling, adding sequins, gilding flake . . . . I to

A New Starting Point at Roseland Mews Studio 20 & 21 June

     A great piece of newspaper faux chenille.  The next stop on the journey was Roseland Mews Studio in Liskeard. Set in lush green gardens, the studio is well equipped, light and has great ventilation. We had 13 in the group and boy did they work hard. A New Starting Point is my newspaper based workshop and I think you will agree, the group produced some fabulous samples. We started off painting up Bondaweb and newspapers then while that was drying the group machine stitched layers of unpainted newspaper together to create their first faux chenille sample. We would colour wash these samples later in the day. Then it was onto the 'pretties and bckground' tearing technique that I have developed with newspaper and painted Bondaweb. Having permission to play with all manner of sparkly delights tends to bring out the inner princess in most students as they fling glitter, gilding flake and dot jewels onto their work with abandon. The play element in any works

The Journey at Sylvia McCann's studio - Torquay June 19th

   Two of the 'expanded' exercises. Day three of the tour saw me back at Sylvia McCann's studio with a large group of ladies KEEN!!!! to have a go at creating original designs - shock, horror!!! We started with The Journey. Basically a mark marking exercise but with a journey in mind, can be an imaginary one or taking the children to school, and NO! you don't need to be able to draw or paint. This is all explained in my book Experimental Textiles. It's great fun once everyone gets started, get some painting music on the Ipod and you are off!          There were so many 'Journeys', Alison, Sylvia's lovely daughter and maker of of wonderful cakes had to take this shot for me from an upstairs window  Next it was onto the 'expanded' exercise - strips of black paper cut and stuck down with 'spaces in between' in mind.      All the 'expanded' exercises laid out down the centre of the room - I had to stand