The Journey at Sylvia McCann's studio - Torquay June 19th

 Two of the 'expanded' exercises.

Day three of the tour saw me back at Sylvia McCann's studio with a large group of ladies KEEN!!!! to have a go at creating original designs - shock, horror!!!

We started with The Journey. Basically a mark marking exercise but with a journey in mind, can be an imaginary one or taking the children to school, and NO! you don't need to be able to draw or paint. This is all explained in my book Experimental Textiles. It's great fun once everyone gets started, get some painting music on the Ipod and you are off!


 There were so many 'Journeys', Alison, Sylvia's lovely daughter and maker of of wonderful cakes had to take this shot for me from an upstairs window

 Next it was onto the 'expanded' exercise - strips of black paper cut and stuck down with 'spaces in between' in mind.

 All the 'expanded' exercises laid out down the centre of the room - I had to stand on step ladder to take this one.

 We did another exercise - 'flipping out', but for some reason I forgot to take photos of that one - it was a busy day . . 

Once all three exercises were finished the group then took sections with 'L' shapes and traced off their design ready to paint in two colours.


 Here you go Jane!!! I didn't forget you . . .

   It had been several years since I taught at Sylvia's and I had forgotten about Alison's cakes - how could I? On this afternoon it was meringue nests with clotted cream and fresh fruit - so delicious. We were very spoilt.

 Whilst health and safety is an issue . .  with food and tea cups on the table - how could you resist? The group wouldn't stop for tea outside - so we had to plough on - it's a tough job . . .

It was great to see Sylvia and Alison again and I had met several of the group before - plus, of course, you make new friends.

I hope to be back in The West Country next August - I will be sorting another tour in the next month or so.


That Wednesday was the best day weather wise of the week - scorching temperatures which turned into a beautiful evening. I drove over Dartmoor to deliver some work to one of my ex students from Experimental Textiles at Redditch who lives in Tavistock. It was a beautiful drive and I stopped to take photos along the way.


 Then it was onto Liskeard and Roseland Mews Studio for two days of - bedlam and wonderful food. I will post about that mid week.

Hope you all had a great weekend.


Jill, Jill!!! only 29 sleeps to go.x x x x


  1. 29 sleeps and counting, started putting things in my 'to go' bag, might need some more water soluble. Timetables out today, at least I haven't got the class from hell last thing on Friday again! Sleep tight xx


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