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A wonderful Weekend - Look. Draw. Stitch. May 2018

One of Ness's printed papers flooded with a procion colour wash. I always enjoy teaching, particularly at home in Ireland, but last weekend was really special. I had 3 ex students from the UK travel to the May Look. Draw. Stitch. weekend. I had taught Ness and Kate in Worthing about 15 years ago and Sheila in Hove even longer ago. It was a complete coincidence that they booked the same weekend as they didn't know each other. it was a real treat. I have occasionally bumped into them over the years, but the chance to spend more time with them and catch up on all their news was fantastic. As well as working with them . . . This was the 3rd Look. Draw. Stitch. weekend. There are still spaces in June and August. If you would like to learn more - then have a look here. look_draw_stitch The weather was good so the girls could draw out side, when I say draw, I mean make lines and shapes with a pencil. You don't need to be able to draw, 'properly'!!!

Whhoo hoo!!! half full. The Jaipur Journey - India. January 8th - 18th 2019.

 My first Colouricious holiday group in September 2016 It's amazing to think it is almost 2 years since I first traveled to Jaipur, India with Colouricious. That holiday booked so fast we had to put another one on in January 2017. They were 2 incredible trips. I love Jaipur city. It is full of vibrant colour, texture and pattern.  Now I am going back - to teach my design course - based on all the sights and wonders of the things we will see around Jaipur. My first time in India I was just totally blown away - by just about everything . .  The second time I went my ideas started to formulate, this is when I began to think about teaching my Journey exercise there.   My Jaipur Journey. What a perfect place to be inspired by all you see.  From the sights and colour and excitement in the streets, to the calm, exquisite beauty of the palaces - and there are many. In fact we will be staying in one - have a look at the link Such luxury - t

Lots of information - grab a cuppa and have a read . .

6.30 am. Sometimes it's worth getting up early . . . This photo says it all. Sunshine and showers . .  Well I think we had all had some decent weather over the bank holiday weekend. Here on Loop Head we had the annual Oyster and Trad Music Festival. There are some fabulous photos and videos on the Carrigaholt Facebook page - do have a look.  Fabulous music outside The Long Dock. There was also music at the lighthouse this weekend. It has been great fun. The warmer weather is encouraging all our wild flowers to show their lovely heads. The Sea Thrift is looking glorious and the Gorse is starting to get to it's full technicolour yellow. In another coupe of months the hedge rows will be a riot of colour with Montbretia, Purple Loosestrife and the beautiful white, fluffy Meadow Sweet. The first arrivals in my field. I am learning which flowers are growing in my field. Clockwise they are - Lady