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2 weekends of texture and colour - FAB!

Fabric weight Tyvek, painted green, textured between baking parchment with an iron and then foiled. Two weekends of fun, colour and texture, who could ask for more? I taught my Hot Textiles workshop at The Bridge in Brighton ( ) on the 4th & 5th of June and then we had a weekend of Extreme Surfaces for Stitch with my ExTeXTra girls at the IDC studios in Redditch. Teaching two similar workshops on following weekends is a great treat- I don't have to unload and reload the car. I am looking forward to the end of the year when all this stops. I have 2 summer schools and two workshops left this year - then that is it - till June 2017. So if you want to work with me, book up now. All the workshops on are the right hand side of the blog. I will also be doing several shows. So - on with the texture and colour. Both workshops included Tyvek, polyester organza and Lutradur/CS800. ExTeXtra painting

A week on the West Coast of County Clare - just looking . . .

The cliffs at Kilkee. There now follows a promotional post on the glories of The Wild Atlantic Way, on the West Coast of County Clare, Ireland . .  Well that is what it is going to seem like. I have just returned from the most glorious week in Ireland, I am now looking for a property to buy over there, well I hope I have found one - but we shall see . . . The weather was amazing long, hot sunny days - every day, it is still warm there now - I am here in chilly old Brighton. However - there are worse places to be. This is just a quick post, I am teaching this weekend so there will be a Hot Textiles post early next week. I am slowly working through all of my bookings. I am not taking any more for next year til I know what is happening and where I will be living. I will be doing the shows next year - but will probably be it. I have 5 workshops left this year - 2 are 5 day summer schools. My diary is on the right hand side of the blog - with links to the venues.  Experimental Te