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The Journey Jacket by Jaynie Bloch

Jayni's completed Journey Jacket   Regular readers of this blog will be aware of the design exercise I created many years ago to help my students create original designs. I have taught The Journey exercise all over the world, and now with Zoom I am able to teach live workshops anywhere. I 'met' Janyi Bloch on a live Zoom workshop I was delivering for a textile group in Canada that she belonged to. It is amazing to be able to teach a group in real time, just in a different place. I know it will never replace face to face teaching, but it does save a long flight!! It is always interesting to see what students develop after a workshop, and very occasionally, a student just blows your mind!! When I saw what Jayni had created from her Journey exercise, I knew I had to share it far and wide. With Jayni's permission of course. Jayni's Journey exercise in her studio at home in Ontario.     2 sections from Jayni's Journey Painting the design onto fabric and then free mac

A fabulous online workshop with The Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan

A great vessel decorated with Tyvek and polyester organza flowers.                                                      Mary Kay Aukea   Do you feel that Zoom meetings are the norm now? They can't replace the engagement of in person meetings, but they are brilliant when you can't get to a meeting or a workshop because of time restrictions or physical distance. I am getting used to teaching workshops via Zoom. I recently delivered a lecture and a workshop spread over 2 days for The Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan , USA. Because of the time difference the workshop needed to be delivered in 2 halves. The Needlework and Textile Guild of Michigan   is a multidisciplinary fiber-art guild. The purpose of the guild is to bring together members who learn, share, teach, and participate in workshops, talks, and demonstrations relating to a wide variety of the fiber arts. Members have interests ranging from quilting and embroidery to weaving, wearable a