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'Transforming Transfer' at Fantasia Textiles Studio 8 - 10 April - Part the second

The beginnings of something by Norah. Now for the next part . . .  The group produced a huge amount of samples - it did help having my heat press there.  It isn't always necessary to 'muck about' with your work too much. Sometimes the beauty of the process is enough. I know I can be the first one to encourage layering and stitching, but I can also recognise when it is time to stop.  This sample is just 2 prints, one on top of the other. A sheer on top and a heavier fabric underneath. Torn layered transfer prints give a very lovely shadowed effect.   These 2 layers just need a little stitch to define a few of the lines. Gorgeous. The great fun of working with synthetic fabrics is that they can be cut and distressed with heat. Cutting applique shapes to iron onto a background is one of the techniques I include in this workshop.  The student irons Bondaweb on to the back of the fabric that the shapes will be cut from. Shapes are then cut with a soldering iro

'Transforming Transfer' at Fantasia Textiles Studio 8 - 10 April - Part the first.

Fabric printed using torn painted transfer papers and torn resists. I had a great three days in rural Essex this week. Transfer printing is rarely the top of anyones list for a workshop, which is a great shame. It is such a simple and exciting form of printing. 'Transforming Transfer' is one of my favourite workshops to teach - we always get fabulous results. Disperse dye is the dye used to permanently colour synthetic fabrics. Because the dye is first applied to paper then transferred by heat to the fabric, they have become known as transfer paints. The dyes I use are in powder form and I make them up and store them in glass jars - always wear a particle mask when working with dye powders. Once the dyes are no longer in powder form you won't need to wear a mask. When working with any dye it is best to wear gloves and an apron. The group painting their papers. Fantasia Textiles Studio is run by Norah Stocker, a great bundle of energy. The studio is a C