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A bit of colour and texture . . . and FUN!

  A colour wheel and a tints, tones and shades chart.  Here we are back at the IDC studios at The Old Needle Works in Redditch I am teaching my two ExTex 3 groups - we have a Thursday/Friday group and a Saturday/Sunday group. This month we are looking at the use of colour in art and textiles and painting colour wheels and tints, tones and shades charts. We will also be playing with their printing blocks along with wax crayons and procion dye.    Painting the colour wheels.  Some very pretty mixing plates.  A finished colour wheel. The Thursday/Friday group produced some fab homework - there isn't room on here for all of it, but here is a selection . . . . I will post more about the work the girls create over the next three days on Monday before I dash up to Art Van Go to teach my Transfer to Transform workshop.  * * * Just a quick plug for my Hot Textiles weekend

Design to Stitch - North East Region Embroiderers Guild Summer Course - Wooler - August 20 - 22

 Painting the 'Journey'. What a fabulous group of ladies. As you may well know, my courses and workshops are not for the faint hearted. I don't usually include anything 'finished' in my workshops which can be daunting when a student wants to know what is going to be produced. Frankly - I don't know! I just that know that 'something' will be created. If the student works through the process, in this case, creating original designs, then printing blocks then printed, layered and stitched fabric (or paper) - new and original work will occur. More 'Jouneys'. Teaching a three day workshop is a real treat. We get a chance to spend a day stitching. Something we all need to do more of.  Working on the 'expanded' exercise. There were two workshops running for the this Summer Course, a traditional stump work workshop upstairs and me in the more unusual workshop downstairs. The Summer Course was held at The Cheviot Centre in