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Art Van Go - Endings and new beginnings . .

  The dynamic duo - Viv and Kevin Change is a part of all our lives. It is important to mark certain changes, particularly one that will affect so many people in the creative textile world in the UK and further afield. Art Van Go is winding down . All good things must end! Art Van Go was started by Viv Arthur in 1989.  Viv bought herself a van, filled it with art materials and travelled around the country to colleges, schools, and textile groups. Her mission? To 'take the art shop to the artist'. Through travelling the country, meeting artists from far and wide and building contacts, this led to the need for a solid base. And so, in 2001, Viv and her partner Kevin, bought the bricks and mortar shop in Knebworth to be able to connect all the artists they had met, and continue building the Art Van Go community! The brilliant Art in Action stand at The Knitting & Stitching Shows Over the last 34 years, Art Van Go has become an institution. An artistic hub for artists

When your deskstop crashes . .

   The 12 workshops that I am currently filming       Argghh!!! It was all going to well!! Have you ever lost work on your computer? I have learned a big lesson when editing videos - save the entire file first, then start editing. The software that I use to edit my videos crashed while it was exporting a finished file - without saving it. Groan.  So, back into the studio to record the final part of Bonkers about Bondaweb. The second workshop I have recorded for the Experimental Textiles Video Library & Membership. At least it was only the last shorter section of the workshop. I am really enjoying recording all my workshops, even with the hiccups. It is good to revisit processes I have been developing and teaching for a good many years. The new membership is only available to my newsletter subscribers, you can subscribe at the bottom of any page of my website - The membership already includes students who have signed up from various part of the UK, The United

A chat with Nicola Brown live on Sunday

  I'm talking to Nicola live on on Sunday at 10am BST Here is the link to the livestream on YouTube and Facebook If you can't make the live interview, Nicola is recording it. Well this is going to be fun. Nicola Brown is a great friend. We first met in Australia 8 years ago when were both teaching at the Fibre Forum in Geelong. Since then we have become very good friends. Nicola lives on the east coast of Ireland, about 3.5 hours drive away from where I am on the west coast.  You wouldn't necessarily think Nicola and I would work friendship wise. We are very different and our textile practices are poles apart. Nicolas work and teaching is based on all things natural. Eco dyeing and printing and felt making. She is an authority on these wonderful processes, particularly eco printing without mordants. Nicola modelling 2 of her eco printed garments  We both love gardeni

The NEW Experimental Textiles Video Library & Membership - special early bird offer . .

  Tyvek layers zapped with a heat gun      If you love texture, colour and exploring new processes - you may be interested in this - I keep my newsletter and blog subscribers separate and you may have missed this important information, I didn't want you to miss out on this opportunity. The NEW Experimental Textiles Video Library & Membership will launch at The Festival of Quilts at the NEC, Birmingham in August 2023 for the full annual subscription price of €350. Subscribers to my newsletter will be offered a special one-off €100 early bird discount of €250 from May 4th to May 11th. The early bird members will be able to view the 12 videos as I upload them between now and August, which means they will have a 15 month subscription. 2 of the 12 workshop videos will be launched into the video library on May 4th. The rest will be uploaded regularly in the months up to August 2023. Early bird members will have access to each of the private groups (hosted on my website) for the works