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Strange - but colourful times

 Sunset at Ross, one of my new pieces.  Hello - it's been a while. Isn't life strange at the moment? I certainly chose the right place to live during isolation. Who knew? I don't know about you, but I have swung between total inertia and great creative activity. I'm still not back into any kind of working rhythm.  Here in Ireland we are still in Phase 3 of the Covid 19 recovery. Restaurants but not pubs can open and all non essential international travel is discouraged. Anyone entering the country needs to quarantine for 14 days. It is a bit like living in a parallel universe. Does it feel the same for you? The world has suffered dreadfully, some countries more than others. I don't need to highlight this as we are all very aware of the sadness and terror this pandemic has created. But being aware doesn't make it any less terrible. During this time, a lot of us have discovered just what we don't actually need in our lives. While these things are