Strange - but colourful times

 Sunset at Ross, one of my new pieces.

 Hello - it's been a while. Isn't life strange at the moment? I certainly chose the right place to live during isolation. Who knew?
I don't know about you, but I have swung between total inertia and great creative activity. I'm still not back into any kind of working rhythm. 

Here in Ireland we are still in Phase 3 of the Covid 19 recovery. Restaurants but not pubs can open and all non essential international travel is discouraged. Anyone entering the country needs to quarantine for 14 days.
It is a bit like living in a parallel universe. Does it feel the same for you?

The world has suffered dreadfully, some countries more than others. I don't need to highlight this as we are all very aware of the sadness and terror this pandemic has created. But being aware doesn't make it any less terrible.

During this time, a lot of us have discovered just what we don't actually need in our lives. While these things are nice to have, it tends to be the things that money can't buy that have been thrown into high relief during this pandemic. Being held, seeing your friends and family, a kind gesture, breathing fresh air. Finding the space to just  . . be . . .

 Storm over Fodra, my second new piece.

 Space is something I have a lot of here. Any of you that follow me on Facebook will have seen me eulogising about this beautiful, rather remote, place. Along with my two dogs, Pops and Fizz, I have a good life here. 

I have been getting on with a few pieces. I have developed a new layered technique which give me the colours and textures I have been searching for for some time. Abstract landscapes and sea scenes are what I am endeavoring to create. We have amazing skies here. I am doing my best to interpret them at the moment. Mixing the right colours is so important to get them just - right.

When it was so very quiet here during lock down I became even more aware of the different birds that live in and visit my field. I am building up a record of all the creatures that come into my area. 

Just recently, since we have been able to travel within the country, a friend has laid a moth trap in the field. He is an entomologist and is licensed to lay traps.
My goodness what a surprise to discover so many amazing moths. From tiny ones to the huge Elephant Hawk moth. I have posted a few of them here.

 1 Ermine, 1 Buff Ermine on the left and 1 Garden Tiger

 Bright Line Brown Eye


Burnished Brass

Elephant Hawk

So I have even more inspiration for my textiles now - 
and of course, my photography.

 I am having a new eCommerce website built. It should be ready in the next month or so. I will be able to sell my photographs and 'Harry' prints online and my canvases, as they are quite light and not tooo costly to post. The studio is now open most weekends and by appointment during the week. I am getting a few visitors through, even in these strange times. I have to limit guests to two per visit, but there is plenty of space for people to wait in their cars, and of course, the view is splendid. If the weather is fine, visitors can walk around the paths cut in my meadow and sit on one of the seats and just dream for a while.

I hope you have manged to stay creative, whether it is baking, knitting, making masks or any other craft. It has been so important to all of us to feel we have been achieving, even in a very small way. 

Take care, stay safe - be well.


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