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An exhibition, a Show and Tell and new teaching news . . .

Light shades made from the rings that seal plastic bottle tops   Yes!! I teach and create Experimental Textile surfaces - but I have also been working with plastic on and of since 1975!! The work in this exhibition was a challenge to me, by me!! It has been a while since I have had the time to experiment with new work and try out new processes. In the end – you just have to make time. I started working with plastic in 1975 on the degree course Wood, Metal, Ceramics & Plastics. We were trained to be artists craft persons and I have worked in that way ever since. I have never been interested in mass production – only making by hand. Living on Loop Head I am surrounded by farms and grazing cattle. One of my favourite views from my house is the local herd of cows coming out and going into milking. I am also aware of the brightly coloured sheets of plastic that wrapped around the feed and fertiliser bags on the farms. The colours are fantastic. Plastic bottle tops