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Having fun with newspaper in Inverness with the C.A.T. group.

Gorgeous newspaper faux chenille  It takes a lot to winkle me out of my life on the edge of the world. I thought long and hard about leaving for a few days to teach in Inverness, but thought it might be fun so I put Poppy into my wonderful dog minders and off I tootled. I'm SO glad I did. The C.A.T. group have been meeting for many years and because of this they are a fabulous group to work with. They are an absolute joy. Great fun but they also work hard.     The group working away on the first morning painting up their Bondaweb. The 2 day workshop we decided on was a combination of A New Starting Point and Newspaper Faux Chenille. They wanted to have some fun, not worry what anything looked like. This took the pressure off and the group enjoyed playing and going with the process.    Starting lay up the 'backgrounds' and 'prettys'.  A New Starting Point involves working with painted newspapers, old maps, books . . . The process is to make