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Experimental Textiles - session 8 - Students choice!

One of Val's samples from the 'Backgrounds and Pretties' technique. Session 8 of Experimental Textiles is a student choice. The groups negotiate with me what they would like to do - I become their resource.  Half of the Thursday/Friday group wanted to catch up with workbooks and the other half wanted to try my 'backgrounds and pretties' technique. The Saturday/Sunday group just wanted do the 'backgrounds and pretties'. But first it was time to look at the homework - this takes longer every session. It is a great opportunity for the groups to discuss the work with each other. We had a great laugh when Kate brought in 'It'. We have christened it 'It' as we already have a 'Thing' by Rachael. 'It' by Kate. 'It' started life as a weaving supported on chicken wire that became rounded at Kate worked on it. She decided to make the piece totally enclosed and started to stitch into 'It'. 'It&

Craft, Hobby and Stitch International - NEC Birmingham 15th - 17th February

 One of the lovely models showing off my gecko t. shirts. Craft, Hobby and Stitch International is a trade show. As I work with Vilene as a consultant, I work at this show and run their retailer workshops. This is a very sedate style of show compared to the consumer shows that I do.  Vilene have decided to bring Hot Spots into their main retailer range - as you may know, I have been selling Hot Spots on for several years. I sell them by the metre, Vilene will be selling them in pack of 5 x A4 sheets. Hot Spots are a bit like a spotty Bondaweb but with a heavier backing paper. Because the backing paper is heavier, the Hot Spots can be cut with hole punches, die cutting machines and laser cutters . .  as well as scissors! I was asked to decorate T.shirts for everyone on the trade stand this year, so I asked my friend Claire from to help. Claire's knowledge of laser cutting is amazing. You may remember that she cuts my jewellery for me

Experimental Textiles - session 7 - working with metal

A fabulous hoard. Sessions seven, eight and nine of Experimental textiles are students choice. These sessions are negotiated within the groups and with myself. The groups decided they would like to work with metal on the first day of the session and have a go at working with painted Bondaweb and Tyvek on the second day. The girls brought all manner of metals to experiment with, and I supplied various wires and mesh. It is important that the students learn to work with resistant materials as well as fabrics and thread. The contrast of hard and soft can set off great ideas. Copper sheet that has been transfer printed. Alcohol inks were used to colour this copper sheet. 2 pieces of copper sheet, both textured and coloured with alcohol inks. Transfer printed copper sheet that has been embossed. Alcohol inks . . .  . . and more. Copper mesh heat treated and wrapped around a piece of lead. Strips of transfer printed copper woven and stit