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Whhoo hooo! New videos using KK Glue and transfer foils with Colouricious

Layers of KK Glue, Bondaweb and transfer foils - what more do you need? I have just returned from 3 days filming videos with Jamie Malden of Colouricious . We had great fun and worked hard. I have wanted a 'how to' video of how to use my new KK glue for some time. It has been selling well, but I felt it needed more instruction. KK Glue is so versatile and I haven't felt that I have supported this exciting new product enough. There are now several videos on YouTube - just put KK Glue in the search engine. I will also add the links on this post.  I thoroughly enjoyed my days with Jamie and her family - I do enjoy working with Jamie and hope we can make new videos that feature both us. I think we work well together. The worktable in the Colouricious studio was rarely clear, I do TRY to keep a tidy table, but rarely suceeed. I am not a good example!!! I tend to ascribe the 'from chaos comes creativity' theory. Choosing blocks from the Colouricious collectio

Up coming courses - lots of colour and excitement!

Designs from Rachael Singleton's work book - ExTex 3.  Prints from blocks made from sections taken from her 'journey'. I am very much looking forward to getting back to work . . .  Whilst it is good to have time to think and plan - I am missing my students and colleagues. I have at least another 3 weeks recuperation ahead of me, and I aim to use it well. There is quite a lot of planning to do .The first session of  ExTex 4 (Experimental Textiles) will be starting on the weekend of  June 13th & 14th. It is amazing to think this will be the 4th group of students to enrol on the course which will finish March 2016. I love teaching the course - it is the best thing I do - the culmination of all I have learned through my teaching practice, mind you, you never stop learning.  Part of the ExTex3 end of year work at the Excel show March 2015.  Equally exciting is a new group starting - of ex ExTex students, we are calling it ExTeXra!!!!  They will be meetin

On the Surface at The Bridge, Brighton 18th & 19th April

Just strips of torn paper, laying, waiting to be ironed down. They fell into a rather splendid design. Am slowly catching up after my op. I am moving about pretty easily - just a bit stiff and sore. I start physio this week, that should sort me out!!!!  I hope to start sending out orders this week. has been busy in the last 2 weeks, I should be able to get most of the orders out by Friday. Whilst I can't drive till the beginning of June. I can get the bus to the post office.  The last workshop I taught before the op was 'On the Surface' at The Bridge, Brighton. This venue is only 10 minutes from my house - such a treat! There were only 4 students booked on the course - so we were a select few - 2 of the group have been on other classes with in the Brighton area. I decided to run the course with 4. I like teaching at The Bridge, it is very airy and spacious.   I teach in the art room, we can get messy in there. 'On the Surface' is my origi