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Experimental Textiles 5. 2nd session- Making Printing Blocks. IDC 23rd & 24th July

   A fab print on the inside of an envelope.  The second session of ExTex 5 saw the group making printing blocks from the designs they generated on the first session.  Transferring the designs onto foam board and self adhesive foam.  Once the design is transferred onto the self adhesive foam, it is cut out with a scalpel, carefully! From one design you will get two printing blocks, one positive, one negative. Starting to cut the block. Then the fun begins with the printing. . . . I can't wait to see what they do for homework. Next session will be looking at colour theory and the group will be painting a colour wheel. *** I am currently in Llanidloes, Wales teaching a 3 day workshop - Layered, Jewelled Surfaces at the Quilt Association, Minerva Arts Centre. What an a amazing place. Wonderful exhibitions and a very spacious workshop with plenty of power sockets. And the food . . . .  my goodness!!! W

A New Starting Point - 5 day Summer School. 18th - 22nd July at the IDC Studios

This is a detail of the larger piece by Morag which is featured further down this post. A New Starting Point is one of my favourite workshops. It is newspaper based and can be taught over 2 - 5 days. This summer school at Inkberrow Design Centre was the 5 day version which means we could add print and stitching onto water soluble fabric. I love teaching at the IDC studios, there is plenty of room and the atmosphere is fabulous, slightly bonkers - just brilliant . There is room for the students to work comfortably.   Starting to paint up the newspaper and Bon daweb. The first thing we got on with was the 'prett y and background' technique featured in my book Reclaimed Textiles . B asically tearing, layering and then tearing again . . . working with both painted and unpainted B ondaweb. The group were working with all types of paper, old books, magazine pages, music . . .  We also included mica flakes and gilding flake - of course we did.