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In celebration of a students work . .

A detail of one of the panels of the mobile Those of you who teach will know how great it is when a past student sends you an excited email with images of work they have created (and sold) after one of your workshops. This student, who doesn't want to be named but has given me permission to use her images. She took various online workshops with me during the pandemic. This work was created after working through my workshop A New Starting Point, which features painted Bondaweb and recycled papers. Maybe a bit of glitter and foil too . . ! The work that has been sold is this beautiful mobile. Isn't it fabulous? The mobile featuring 11 double sided panels of gorgeousness   Here are a few of the panels in progress . . Detail of the print on these small panels    The decorative papers were torn and layered with painted Bondaweb and decorated with transfer foil and print. I love the use of red, not many people use it, It balances the darker blue beautifully.   Here are few more piece

The beauty of nature and natural design.

Ferns unfurling down my boreen. The first days of June have seen a burst of life and growth in my local area. You don't have to look very far for inspiration for colour or design. Line and form are all around. A friend of mine who is an entomologist regular runs a moth trap in my field. We are recording all the moths and beetles. Very few recordings have been made in this rather wild area. Nick is licensed to run the moths traps by The National Biodiversity Data Centre and all our findings are recorded. It is important to discover how well the local biodiversity is doing.   Last week we had an Eyed Hawk Moth in the trap. The first one we have had here on Loop Head and only the second one Nick has seen on the west coast. The larvae feed on sallows and willows but the caterpillars are also frequently recorded feeding on varieties of apple tree found in gardens. The Eyed Hawk Moth undisturbed When moving away from anything that worries them, the moths extend their wings to show their