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Experimental Textiles - the last weekend.

  Transfer printed satin covered with hand knitted wire embellished with hand stitch - by Sally. It is sad when a long course comes to an end - it is also a time to celebrate all the hard work of the past year. Friendships have been made amongst the group that I hope will last for years to come.     Sally stitching in to the sample above.   We started off with eight students and lost two along the way through broken bones and pressure of work. I am hoping that Liz of the broken bones will be picking up the course again some time this year and hopefully Emma will feel more able to work with the group as they go forward into new ventures.     Claire and Shaun appear to be working hard but were definitley feeling slightly hysterical and mucking about. Claire blamed the caffeinated tea she drank at lunchtime for her extreme fit of the giggles. (Claire normally drinks decaffeinated). Heidi working hard on her wall piece.     Jo creates the most beau

Craft, Hobby & Stitich International at the NEC

  The Freudenberg Vilene stand at the NEC. Whew!! Well that was a weekend! The show was on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It was VERY busy on Sunday and then less so as the show went on. I enjoy working at the trade show. It is less frantic than the usual consumer shows that I do. There is an air of calm as all the visitors wander about the show meeting their contacts on different stands and doing deals. Everyone is very smart and tidy. My job was to demonstrate the more unusual techniques that you are all familiar with using Vilene products on the stand and also running the retailer workshops for Vilene. This involves teaching a forty five minute workshop every day for twenty retailers. The workshops were a bit manic - I think I tried to do too much . . . We were foiling on to my new loves Decovil 1 and Decovil light. We then printed onto the Decovil light with acrylics and the excellent Colourful Thoughts multi surface paints from Craftynotions. These su

Manchester, good friends and puddings!

A melt in the middle chocolate pudding with vanilla ice cream and delicious chocolate sauce. It has been pointed out to me by a certain gentleman in the Portsmouth area that I have been rather remiss in my posting duties. It can be difficult to find the time and then wifi to post on the blog when I am travelling, particularly when I am doing a show. I hope this one makes up for my silence. I got back from the Manchester show yesterday after calling in on a few friends on the way. The show was held at Event City just opposite The Trafford Centre in Manchester. I haven't known SUCH a busy show for a long time. I am used to busy shows, but this one was bonkers! And they were such lovely people, I don't think they get many craft shows of the ICHF (International Craft and Hobby Fairs) calibre in that area of the country. My lectures were full every day with standing room only, I wasn't sure how busy they would be as I have never travelled to that area before. I need

Having fun with a laser cutter!

 Foiled and engraved Decovil 1 cut with a Big Shot Pro die cutting machine to create a heart shaped box.   Hello, Yes! I know I have been quiet - did you enjoy the peace? I have been fighting with finishing the manuscript for my next book and getting samples made for the shows that start next week in Manchester. The manuscript is with my publishers (Hurrah!) and I have a few samples to show you. I love teaching and meeting new students - and old ones! Claire Pain was a new student last year on my Foredown Tower workshops. She was great fun and fitted in well with the usual slightly bonkers ladies that attend my workshops.  I love working with people who know how to have a good time. Decovil 1 and Decovil light pre-coloured and foiled and then engraved by Claire on her laser cutter . We were talking in class and Claire mentioned she had a laser cutting business, well, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I have been looking for someone to work with who understood