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Frosty days and a colourful online workshop

Fizz helping me change the beds . . Well it has stopped raining for a few days, and now it is down to freezing. Brrr!!! My readers in Australia and New Zealand will be enjoying gorgeous sunshine. I hope it isn't too hot for you - I know the temperatures are rising. Meanwhile in the northern hemisphere, it is very chilly indeed - though warm in the sun. There is surprising heat in the sun, out of the wind! We rarely get frost this close to the sea, but we have had a few very frosty days. It is very pretty and I am grateful that I can pick and choose when I venture out of my cosy, warm home. Like many folk that live by the sea, my yard is decorated with various 'ornaments' that I have found on beach walks. They are very pretty in the frost. I enjoy arranging them. It is very rare to see the frost on the walls and on the grass in my field The girls are enjoying the bright, dry days. Walking them is so much more fun when it is dry I have been busy filming my next online worksho

Happy New Year!!

Nicola and the girls  Happy New Year!! How are you all? Have you survived the Festive Season? I hope that you have great things to look forward to, something simple like starting to knit a new jumper or maybe a larger project? New Year saw me and the girls (my dogs) staying at Clasheen with my dear friend Nicola Brown for a few days. We go there every year. It's a great chance for us to catch up properly, talk about things that have gone well, and some things that have not gone so well. When you work for yourself you are always learning . .  It rained almost continuously, so we didn't get any long walks in, but it was very good to sit in Nicola's cosy lounge or kitchen and just chat about anything and everything. Plus my dogs generally get on well with Pip, Nicola's dog. A very different view from Nicola's house Those of you that have been following me for a while, will know my house has views along the west Clare coast. Pretty amazing. Nicola has a wonderful view