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Wow! what a year . . !

 Christmas street decorations in Granada 2012. Well the rain has stopped in Brighton - for at least an hour now! Blimey it's been wet. My thoughts are with those of you who are still struggling with having been flooded for the second or even third time. The sun is shining as I write this, it is a treat to write this looking out at a bright blue sky - long may it last!  I am off to France later today to stay with good friends and share New Year with them. Like most of you I have been thinking back over the past year and planning for 2013 . . and 2014 Gulp!  x 2012 Started well for me as I was in Spain staying with my dear friend Brenda Killigrew who runs The Old Needle Works in Redditch where I teach my ExTex course. We visited Granada at New Year and visited the Alhambra. It had been long been a resolution/need of mine to visit the Alhambra and thanks to Brenda we spent a wonderful day there. Cordoba is next on the list. Brenda has a house in Spai

Decorated Book Covers at Foredown Tower 15th - 16th December

 One of the delicious slip covers ready to be stitched to fit the book. Well that is the last workshop for this year. It was great to back at Foredown Tower , you may have noticed it is now one of my favourite places to teach. I had six fabulous students on the course who worked very hard and were good enough to help with eating the cakes.       One of Claire's lovely samples ready to iron onto the Decovil light. The workshop was 'A New Starti ng Po int'. I have never known a workshop to be so popular, it certai n l y seems to have piqued everyones interest. The idea is to make some gorgeous surfaces by layer ing old newp apers with painted Bo ndaweb and all things spar kly. Gilding flake seems to be the most favoured spa r kle this year. Y ou can get this from     Cla ire tearing up one of her samples ready to iron to the Decovil light.  The pa per layers are then ir oned onto pre-co loured Dec ovil light, the new iron-on interfa

Jewelled Surfaces at West Dean College 10 - 13 December. Part the second

One of Gina's beautiful pieces that ended up as a book cover. Only having four students on the course was a great treat for me - I'm not sure how the students felt, as many of you will know, I'm not very good at leaving my students alone to work in peace . . . I don't quite know why there were only four bookings, I have taught in December or January with ten every year so it is a mystery. I know some students worry about the possibility of snow, and it has snowed hard once or twice at this time. Anyway, we had a great time and it was a first for me so that was good. The students worked hard and fast so I had to introduce more than I was expecting to. It's good for me to be 'kept on my toes'. I can get a bit blase if things are too easy. 'Jewelled Surfaces' involved layering newspaper, painted Bondaweb and all kinds of glittery things and then reinforcing them with different iron-on interfacings. It's a tough job, but someone has to do it