Decorated Book Covers at Foredown Tower 15th - 16th December

 One of the delicious slip covers ready to be stitched to fit the book.

Well that is the last workshop for this year. It was great to back at Foredown Tower, you may have noticed it is now one of my favourite places to teach.
I had six fabulous students on the course who worked very hard and were good enough to help with eating the cakes.

      One of Claire's lovely samples ready to iron onto the Decovil light.

The workshop was 'A New Starting Point'. I have never known a workshop to be so popular, it certainly seems to have piqued everyones interest. The idea is to make some gorgeous surfaces by layering old newpapers with painted Bondaweb and all things sparkly. Gilding flake seems to be the most favoured sparkle this year. You can get this from

 Claire tearing up one of her samples ready to iron to the Decovil light.

 The paper layers are then ironed onto pre-coloured Decovil light, the new iron-on interfacing that looks and feels like leather - FAB U LOUS! We were covering hard spine books with slip covers or decorating the covers of spiral bound books directly onto the cover. due to time constraints the group had to decide whether to seal the their covers or stitch them. They all chose to seal them. We used acrylic wax. It gives a soft lustre rather than a hard shine and is water proof. You can buy acrylic wax here
 Marianne produced some FAB work . . . .

 A close up of the sample.
 Another of Marianne's samples.

 A fab one from Val.
  . . . . and from Christine.
 The following samples are Kim's (Yes, there was another one in the room). These are the small samples that the group created to get used to the technique before they launched into the larger pieces.


Kim had a great time and was very taken with the fact that you could foil the Decovil light and then print onto it. As the Decovil light is an iron-on interfacing you can iron heat transfer foil onto the adhesive side.

 This is one of Kim's samples - pre-coloured Decovil light decorated with silver foil and then printed with my fish block with acrylic paint.

 This is Hilary creating a fabulous, large sample.

 The following images are the the slip covers, sealed and ready to have the ends turned over to create the 'pockets' for the book covers to slip into.


 The following images are the spiral bound books decorated directly onto the covers.


As you can see the group had a good time. It was a very successful and enjoyable workshop and a great group to finish the year with. I will be seeing more of the group in April for the next Foredown workshop.


I'm now going up into the loft to get the Christmas decorations out - wish me luck!!



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