More prettys at Bobbys

We have had the first day of my new course Print, Paint, Stitch and Play! and things seem to have gone well so far. I love teaching in Bobby's studio, it is purpose built with plenty of space, power and water. We had a fab day painting Bondaweb and colourwashing newspaper. The group then worked through my tearing and layering process and this is what they have produced so far. They have already started stitching into the papers and tomorrow we will be printing onto them.

We had a discussion tonight about how to spell Prettys or Pretties. Apparently the latter is correct but I like the former so that is the word I am going to use - I have no doubt a certain gentleman in the Portsmouth area will now be sitting with his head in his hands and shaking his head saying No! NO!

As part of this process you need to be able to describe a piece you have layered up with gilding flake, sequins, glitter and all the other gorgeous sparkly bits we are using. So I have started calling these pieces 'prettys'.

Basically the group are creating 'prettys' and then tearing them into strips to layer up onto a background of newspaper and painted Bondaweb.

We have been using all sorts of goodies from Craftynotions
I raided the warehouse on the way down to Redditch on Friday - poor David he is very patient with me.

Bobby has a beautiful garden around the house as well a vegetable patch - all the plants are looking gorgeous. Having a few days of sun after all the rain has made the garden very colourful.

The girls having their lunch in the garden.

It is all very beautiful here - sigh - I am so lucky to teach in all these fabulous places. It is worth all the hassle of driving and loading and unloading the car all the time.
You can see all the courses available here at
I need to dash off now, we are having dinner then it is off down the pub to watch Bobby Morris Dancing - Yeehaa!!!



  1. Prettys is fine with me, it's a sort of pirate word, 'Avast my prettys'. Or 'My prettys are vast'. I'd not argue over apostrophes in pirate speech, they're a law unto themselves

  2. Well it's better than 'Avast behind'!!!!!
    Thank you my lovely boy, I knew you would have the answer. Am halfway down a bottle of Sauvingon Blanc after a busy teaching day. Good to hear from you. x x x x x

  3. Enjoy looking at your different textile works


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