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Colouricious Block Printing Holiday. 11 days in Jaipur, January 20th - 31st. Part the fourth.

A cupboard door made up of all kinds of off cuts of old damaged furniture. Fabulous layers of design. This is my last post about our amazing trip to Jaipur - life is marching on!  While the holiday was a specialist block printing one - we did so much more. Jamie certainly knows how to show you a good time, usually with some special extras. like elephant painting, a trip to a special block printing village and 2 rather special dinners. if you are tempted - here is the link to the Textile Holidays - The block printing was great fun and most of the group are now quite experienced printers. It was a wonderful opportunity to work in so many different workshops and factories.  Having the factory workers on hand to help was a special treat.  There were various trips to all kinds of delights. My favourite was a visit to a salvage yard - just heaven. such a wonderful mix of colours, design and texture. I could have spent a week t

Colouricious Block Printing Holiday. 11 day in Jaipur, January 20th - 31st. Part the third.

  Wonderful colours and shapes. As you can imagine, India is full of the most stunning images. The colours, forms, shapes and patterns just make your head spin. Here are a few of the shots I took on the 11 day trip around Jaipur. Whilst the trip was a block printing extravaganza, we also got out and about, in an air conditioned coach, to enjoy the local area. One of the many great things of going on a trip with Jamie is that she is so enthusiastic about showing you 'behind the scenes' of life in India. There is nothing Jamie enjoys more than exploring the back streets of Jaipur, finding new factories and workshops and other delights to share. Discovering new experiences for her guests. Each trip is different. Just look at the trips that are on offer - Our holiday included the Amer Fort, just out side Jaipur. A stunning building.   One of the highlights of a visit to the fort is to travel up the hill t

Colouricious Block Printing Holiday. 11 days in Jaipur. - January 20 - 31. Part the second . .

Just one of many wonderful images seen on the holiday. OK, the second of what will probably be several posts. As this was my second trip to Jaipur and in cooler temperatures I was much happier moving around and slightly less overwhelmed by the magnificence of Jaipur. I was able to concentrate more on what was happening around me.  One of the reasons Jamie asked me co host the holiday was to encourage any of the group who were interested to keep a journal of their time in Jaipur. The Hotel Meghniwas was perfect for this activity as you can see from the images below. The terrace at the hotel was a fabulous place to play with paints and crayons, pencils, printing blocks . .  Everyone go stuck in. Our next printing session was at another factory workshop. you could tell the group were starting to get to grips with the printing and were feeling a little more confident. It was great to be able to work with the full time block printers. Their skill is remarkable. It takes