Colouricious Block Printing Holiday. 11 days in Jaipur. - January 20 - 31. Part the second . .

Just one of many wonderful images seen on the holiday.

OK, the second of what will probably be several posts. As this was my second trip to Jaipur and in cooler temperatures I was much happier moving around and slightly less overwhelmed by the magnificence of Jaipur. I was able to concentrate more on what was happening around me. 
One of the reasons Jamie asked me co host the holiday was to encourage any of the group who were interested to keep a journal of their time in Jaipur.
The Hotel Meghniwas was perfect for this activity as you can see from the images below.

The terrace at the hotel was a fabulous place to play with paints and crayons, pencils, printing blocks . . 
Everyone go stuck in.

Our next printing session was at another factory workshop. you could tell the group were starting to get to grips with the printing and were feeling a little more confident. It was great to be able to work with the full time block printers.
Their skill is remarkable. It takes several years of training to become a master block printer. They were very happy to work with our group and I think the workers were quite surprised at the skill in printing some of the group showed.

Wonderful buckets of colour ready to print with.
A combination of henna, gum and pigment.

Just a few of the gorgeous blocks.

The group had a fabulous time and were becoming more confident with the registering of double and triple layered designs.

While one half of the group were printing - the other half went upstairs to look at the fabrics that were for sale. We also had a Kantha stitch lesson. Once the first group finished their printing, the groups swapped around.

Those of the group that could sit on the floor, did, the rest sat on soft chairs around the room.

It made a good change to see some of the ladies at work. A lot of ladies work from home, but a few go out to work. It was a joy to work with these ladies, so gentle. We spoke on the common language of smiles and the moving of hands.
It was very peaceful after all the banging of the block printing.

After all the activity of the day some of us went onto my favourite tailors, 
Sat Guru's on Mount Road, Jaipur.
Having been to several of the other tailors in September and had clothes made at all of them, I found Sat Guru's to be the most consistent. Clothes that fitted well, were well made and not violently expensive. The assistants don't hassle you so much either. They have an enormous range of beautiful fabrics, home textiles and all manner of sparkle and shine. Heaven.

Just a few of the cotton fabrics to choose from. Sat Guru's have the best range of dabu fabrics. (the indigo dyed mud resist).

This is the lovely Bunti who became my personal shopper. 
He is great fun, very entertaining and really knows his fabrics.

Traveling to Jaipur, with all the different tailors, gives you a fabulous opportunity to have clothes copied or you can choose from patterns. The tailors are so experienced they can almost make clothes for you without measuring you. You are really spoilt for choice. Most of the group came home with several new outfits.

No visit to Jaipur is complete with out a visit to walkway along by the Jal Mahal, or Water Palace, it is so very beautiful, very romantic.

Jal Mahal Jaipur.

I have more images of around and about Jaipur to show you, but for the moment I will leave you with a great paint job on a tuk tuk, just fabulous.

What great inspiration, all on one tuk tuk.
love it.

Watch this space for more . . . .


I am sitting in the IDC studio in Redditch writing this post, this is the penultimate weekend for my ExTex 5 group. Their end of year show will be at the Fashion, Embroidery and Stitch Show at the NEC next month. with one more weekend left the pace is hotting up. They are creating some amazing work, I am very excited about what they are up to. I won't be posting any more images of their work. I will leave it as surprise for those of you who get to the show. The big reveal . .
After the show I will post the images of their work for you all to see.



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