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Happy Christmas!

View to Falmer, Brighton. Hello, Happy Christmas!!! I am baking cakes, making a huge trifle and an even bigger pavlova. I'm sure you are all doing something similar. This is a short post to wish you all a very Happy, Restful and Enjoyable Christmas - I hope Santa brings you everything you wished for. For most of us I think it will be the rest that we look forward to - and the odd glass of wine and mince pie!!!! is closed for the holidays now until January 1st. There will be a short window in which I can get orders out as I will be flying to New Zealand for three weeks - to teach - on January 7th. Sooooo - orders received between now and January 5th will be posted on January 6th at the latest. After that - no orders will be posted until February 2nd. You are most welcome to order products while I am away, but they wont be posted until February 2nd. I hope this doesn't inconvenience too many of you. That's all for now - the cake smells as

Kim's Open House December 2014

My lounge, full of Lindsey Gibson's beautiful felt wall pieces. It's that time of year - we are all belting around - getting ready for Christmas.  Here in Brighton we have the Christmas Open Houses, we are about to have our second weekend.  This will be my last Open House in Brighton as I will be moving to Redditch in the Spring. The house is full of stunning work, It is worth all the clearing out to show off all this beauty. The website is - , how to find us is on there too. More of Lindsey's work . . .  and some of Annie's stars and angels . . . We have quite a variety of work . . .  Watercolours by Emily Jolley . . . Jewellery by Fenn and Co. . . . Stunning glass by Annie McMullan . . . .   Textiles for the wall by Sylvia Lynton . . . .   My friend John Culligan from France has sent over some gorgeous turned wood bowls . . . . This is one of John's yarn bowls - you put your ball of wool in the bow