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If my books could talk!

  My first 4 books . .    Welcome to my new blog subscribers.  I have 2 mailing lists one for this blog, and one for my newsletter. This blog tends to be a long read, it can contain all kinds of things, my life here in Ireland, my dogs, my travel, whatever takes my fancy, I can ramble, I like to talk to you all. There is a search engine in the top right hand corner, I have been writing this blog for 10 years or so, so if you want to find out what I have written about Lutradur or Tyvek or New Zealand, anything really . . just pop it into the search engine My newsletter is more of a short read, what is happening with my teaching, news of shows and new travel tours. That kind of thing.         I don't know if you can hear it from where you are, but my brain is whirring with new ideas and techniques. While I am filming and updating my 12 most popular workshops, I am developing new ideas to share with you. My 'what happens if . . ' head is definitely on. More of that in a mi

The Festival of Quilts 2023

Me on my stand having the best time,  photo by Amanda Duke Well I am back - just! I got back home in Ireland on Monday night. I still haven't fully unpacked the car. I am waiting for some energy to galvanise me - maybe it will arrive tomorrow . . ! The Festival of Quilts was fabulous. It was like one big colourful party. It was so good to catch up with so many friends. There was so much laughter and squeals of delight. Lots of plans were hatched and several trips planned. The beginnings of my stand   It always takes longer than you think to set up a stand. Particularly when you are demonstrating. How much space do you allow to spread out and play? I wasn't really happy with it until the second day. My last show was pre covid in 2019, so it had been a while . .     Video of my stand There were exhibitors and visitors from all over the world at the show. I was particularly pleased to meet one of my online students from America. While we can chat and have tutorials via the intern