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West Dean - part the the third . . .

Alison helping Alyssa with the layout of her sample One of the great things about this course was the way the group all mucked in together sharing threads and materials and best of all - ideas. Keeping the balance between teaching processes and techniques and allowing the students to have time to develop their own ideas is always a hard one for me. I find it difficult to leave them alone! On longer courses it is very important for me to leave time for the students to be able to develop techniques and processes in their own way as much as possible. heat gunned dyed Vilene Spunbond CS500 and polyester organza Bondaweb was applied to the back of pre coloured Vilene Spunbond CS700 leaving the backing paper on the Bondaweb. This was then cut into delicate designs with a soldering iron. The designs were then lifted out and ironed onto a background of the heavier CS800 When using Bondaweb for applique on synthetic fabrics I find it best to leave the backing paper on the Bondaweb while you

West Dean - part the second . . .

the wonderful main workshop at West Dean The full title of the course was Hot Textiles - exploring layers, colour and stitch. The main products we used were newspaper (as seen in the previous post) painted Bondaweb, Tyvek, polyester organza and Vilene Spunbond. Today I will show you the samples of the beautiful work the group did with painted Bondaweb, I usually try to keep the number of images down to 8 per post but as I have so many images of the gorgeous work from this course I hope you will forgive this extended post. Bondaweb is such a versatile product, on this course we used it unpainted and ironed onto the back of Vilene Spunbond and polyester organza to create stunning applique which I will post tomorrow. This post is about painted Bondaweb.   using painted Bondaweb as a background to iron on polyester organza delicately cut out with a soldering iron   a combination process using Vilene Spunbond applied with unpainted Bondaweb cut with a soldering iron and also ironed onto p

West Dean College 17th - 21st January Hot Textiles - Exploring Layers

Hello again and welcome to my new followers. I seem to be having trouble getting on with things this week. I had 2 more very hectic but enjoyable days teaching at Harrow Way Community School in Andover (see Thursday January 6th) on Monday and Tuesday and spent most of yesterday in a daze and recovering. Am I getting too old for all this dashing about? Consequently I am behind with paperwork and updating this blog. However - here I am now!   West Dean College This will be a 3 part post on the tales of my course at glorious West Dean College last week We had a fantastic time with the students producing work of a very high standard. To do the work justice I will separate it into sections. We will start with using old painted and dyed newspapers. The students enrolled on the course were - Mike Wallace, Janette Lazell, Linda Beadle, Rose Chapman, Alison Davis, Alyssa Bacon and Avril O'Brien. One of the luxuries of teaching at West Dean is the small group sizes, each student

Uckfield Community Technical College

  The fantastic art room at UCTC Yesterday saw me teaching a mixed group of year 10 students and teachers at  Uckfield Community Technical College We had a fast paced, slightly crazy day that was very, very enjoyable. I must say I occasionally find it hard to concentrate on teaching when I am enjoying the interaction with the students so much - I know it's not very professional - but there! The day had been set up by Clare Summons and Maggie Brand. Two very dedicated teachers who are full of energy and great ideas for their department. The art room that I was working in was full of incredible structures and art works - a very inspiring place in which to work . The idea was to demonstrate some of the latest techniques in textile art and for the students to try using painted Bondaweb and Tyvek.  As you will see from the samples they certainly got the idea. I hope to be going back to this college early in 2012 to continue the fun we had.  The samples were created using painted Bo

Cotswold Embroiderers Guild Workshop

busy students creating fabulous samples Saturday 8th January saw me teaching a group of very capable ladies who were great fun from the Cotswold Embroiderers Guild. The Guild hold their workshops at the The Reddings Community Centre in Cheltenham. It has fantastic facilities with plenty of room, tables and SOCKETS! When working with a variety of heat tools it can be a real pain to have to keep unplugging an iron to use a heat gun. This centre was pure luxury. We were working with Vilene Spunbond and layering it with painted Bondaweb. It was a great day and we covered several tec hniques. It was great fun and as you can see from the samples the ladies worked hard. Vilene Spunbond CS 700 & 800 painted and dyed. Bondaweb ironed to the back and leaf shapes cut with a soldering iron and than ironed onto more CS 800. Detail Right side of sample - Vilene Spunbond CS 800 painted and dyed and then zapped with a heat gun, the 'crunchy' edges were then foiled with heat transfer f

Back to the real world . . . .

My first teaching session this year was at Harrow Way Community School in Andover on Tuesday the 4th January. I had been invited to design a workshop for students who are extending thier access to new textles techniques. The school has a great reputation for Art and D&T. Sylvia Harvey is the Head of Art & Design and is highly aware of the importance of art textiles within education.  torn, painted Bondaweb decorated with artichoke heart seeds, skeleton leaves and glitter I had an exhausting, fascinating, exciting and very educational day. As most of you know I teach adults and have very little experience with younger students. But I am learning very fast!! Because I have a stand at The Design & Technology Show every year I have become very aware of the lack of textile teaching in many schools, whether it comes in the form of fashion/dressmaking courses or art textiles. This is not the fault of the schools, they can only teach what they are told to. I think this will chan