Cotswold Embroiderers Guild Workshop

busy students creating fabulous samples

Saturday 8th January saw me teaching a group of very capable ladies who were great fun from the Cotswold Embroiderers Guild. The Guild hold their workshops at the The Reddings Community Centre in Cheltenham. It has fantastic facilities with plenty of room, tables and SOCKETS! When working with a variety of heat tools it can be a real pain to have to keep unplugging an iron to use a heat gun. This centre was pure luxury.

We were working with Vilene Spunbond and layering it with painted Bondaweb. It was a great day and we covered several techniques. It was great fun and as you can see from the samples the ladies worked hard.

Vilene Spunbond CS 700 & 800 painted and dyed. Bondaweb ironed to the back and leaf shapes cut with a soldering iron and than ironed onto more CS 800.


Right side of sample - Vilene Spunbond CS 800 painted and dyed and then zapped with a heat gun, the 'crunchy' edges were then foiled with heat transfer foil.
Left side of sample - Vine Spunbond CS700 painted and dyed and cut with a soldering iron, this creates a softer effect.

Vilene Spunbond CS800 painted and dyed and zapped with a heat gun.
Heat transfer foils were ironed onto the 'crunchy' edges.

Vilene Spunbond CS700 painted and dyed and layered up with Bondaweb to create quite thick layers. The layers were then cut with a solding iron and ironed onto painted Bondaweb.

More layers of Vilene Spunbond cut and applied. This time bonded to the lighter weight CS 500 and decorated with slashes of heat transfer foil.
Painted and dyed and decorated Vilene Spunbond CS 700 cut with a soldering iron and applied to CS800

Dyed Vilene Spunbond CS700 cut with a soldering iron and applied to CS800

If you fancy trying any of these techniques and products there is still space on my 2 day 'Hot Textiles 2' workshop at the Bramble Patch in Northants on the 28th and 29th of this month. The Bramble Patch have well equipped, roomy studios that are a joy to teach in. I am looking forward to teaching there again.

I'm teaching at another school on Saturday, this time in Uckfield, East Sussex. Should be good fun!
Nearly halfway through January - it's getting ligher every day.
Take care

P.S.  Are any of you watching Zen on a Sunday night?  Gorgeous or what? I am transfixed by this beautiful man!!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous - both those examples and the man! Can I ask what may be a daft question? Is spunbond the same as lutradur? I've just had a play with lutradur and it seems to have the same sort of properties.

  2. Hi Su,
    Yes! Vilene Spunbond is the same as Lutradur, because of a licesensing issue I can't use the word Lutradur in my blog - although I just have!!!!! Whatever you call it, it's a fantastic product. A rose by any other name . . . x x x


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