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Jet lag, beaches and shells . . and good friends.

  The 3 of us had a walk in the bush last night and Brian showed me why these huge ferns are called silver ferns . . if you shine a light up under the leaves - they turn silver. Beautiful.  So - here I am in New Zealand. At the moment I am staying with my friends Alysn and Brian Midgelow Marsden on the Tawharanui Penninsula, just inside the Tawharanui National Park over looking Christian Bay.   Kotare House It is a beautiful house with incredible views of the sea in the front of the house and the bush behind. The weather can be a bit like where I live in Ireland, 4 seasons in 1 day. But generally there is a lot less rain!!! Alysn runs an Airbnb from the house, if ever you are traveling on the North Island, I can't recommend this place enough - check it out. Kakariki Room in Kotare House    View over Christian Bay.      View over the bush with Brian terraced raised beds. The planting around the house is very exotic.