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Colour theory, monoprinting and bye, bye to

  Close up of Jackie's monoprint. It has been a while between posts, the closure of the mail order business generated a huge amount of interest and I was inundated with orders.  The website is now closed and I hope to be able to get all the outstanding orders posted by Thursday 3rd September at the latest. I had several offers to buy the business - but I wanted to keep the mailing list - for my newsletter and my online teaching when it eventually happens. As I am no longer tied down by the mail order business, I can travel for longer periods of time - watch this space. There will soon be news about me teaching more workshops in NZ 2017 and a new teaching tour of the United States 2017/18. It's all very exciting. *** Now back to the UK . . .  It was the 3rd weekend of ExTex 4 on the weekend of 22/23 August. The 3rd weekend means colour theory and mono printing. I know we rarely use colour theory, but is important to know how it works if there is something

Making printing blocks with ExTex 4 plus the closing of

A fabulous design, beautifully printed. On the 25th and 26th of July we had the second weekend of the new ExTex ( Experimental Textiles ) 4 group. The previous weekend we had created the original designs and taken sections. These were the sections the group then used to make their own printing blocks. The designs are traced onto tracing paper and then transferred onto foam core board and self adhesive foam.  For one design - you need one piece of self adhesive foam and 2 pieces of foam core board all cut to the same size.  2 blocks from one design - showing the 'positive' design on the left and the 'negative' on the right.  The design is then transferred onto all three. The design is then cut from the self adhesive foam. The 'positive' design is lifted out and stuck to one of the pieces of foam core board. The design that is left is the 'negative' and this is stuck to the second piece of foam core board. As long as these blocks ar