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Teaching is such a privilege and I have added a new workshop - Bonkers about Bondaweb!

A fabulous denim bag created by Meryl Hayes after the New Starting Point workshop using decorated papers and painted Bondaweb. A detail of Meryl's fabulous bag. Isn't this book cover great? One of several makes from Frances using the Backgrounds and Pretties technique with painted Bondaweb and painted papers.   The photos are still coming of new pieces from students on the first 3 workshops. I love that they want to share what they are doing.   Well was a longer break between blog posts than I was planning. I had to nip to the UK for a week to sort out a sad family event. Then I had the Astrazeneca jab, and that was it - for TWO weeks. I didn't see that coming!! I had full on flu and am now slowly recovering. I am hoping the second jab won't give me any side effects at all.  So, apologies for the break in transmission. I have a lot to catch you up on. Workshop 3 Creating Original Designs and Printing Blocks was just brilliant, we had a smaller group of 10 - we usually h