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Catching up with friends and online workshop news.

 An amazing array of brushes and mark making tools.  I have had a bit of time in the UK to catch up with my family and friends over here and get a bit more planning done with Jayne for our Sonas Studio online workshops - more of that further down this post.  I popped over to Eastbourne today to see Christine Chester.   I have always admired Christine's work, so sensitive and thoughtful. We have always had the chance to have have a quick hello at shows but it was good to sit down and have a good chat and not rush.  As it is going to be a least a year until I can start work on my studio at home in Ireland, (it's a cow shed at the moment) I thought I might get some inspiration and ideas by having a look at Christine's studio. The studio is called Studio 11. My goodness it is fabulous. Studio 11 is right next to Eastbourne railway station, so it is very convenient. It is a bright airy space with plenty of room to move around. Classes are lim

Fabulous work from online students.

 A Tyvek and polyester organza corsage by Mo Henderson in France. Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat. A bit of news about the online teaching and how it is going.  Not having taught online before, I wasn't too sure how it would go. Not having a frame of reference, I could only be guided by what other textile tutors are offering.  It has been a steep but generally positive learning curve. We had one or two teething problems on the first workshop, Manipulating with Heat - but judging how a lot of the students are STILL producing work on this workshop, we have got everything right now . . . . . .    A stunning cellophane bead and flower necklace by Mo Henderson. Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.  As the workshops are based on a fast paced one day workshop, I thought the students enrolled on the workshops would work through the exercises over a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, depending on how much time they had. Well the videos went up on May 2

The blindingly obviious!

 A fabulous sunrise. You have a plan. Things works out pretty well. You can't quite get the studio up and running yet, so you put off your plans to teach in your new home until you can get the studio sorted - in a couple of years time - maybe! Aaaagghhh!!! WHY am I SO blinkered? Just because I don't have a studio to teach in like all my friends - I do have a large lounge, with a wooden floor, great light, and one of the best views you will ever see. Plus very useful outbuildings. Why does it take someone else to point out the obvious?   So - I have decided, with a little help from a friend - that I will start teaching a few selected weekends here next year and a 5 day residential in October.  I only decided today so I have to work a few things out. When I first moved to this beautiful place I thought I would never want to share my home environment. But now I have been here for a while I realise it would be a great shame not to share it a few days a year.  I