The blindingly obviious!

 A fabulous sunrise.

You have a plan. Things works out pretty well. You can't quite get the studio up and running yet, so you put off your plans to teach in your new home until you can get the studio sorted - in a couple of years time - maybe!
Aaaagghhh!!! WHY am I SO blinkered? Just because I don't have a studio to teach in like all my friends - I do have a large lounge, with a wooden floor, great light, and one of the best views you will ever see. Plus very useful outbuildings. Why does it take someone else to point out the obvious?  

So - I have decided, with a little help from a friend - that I will start teaching a few selected weekends here next year and a 5 day residential in October. 
I only decided today so I have to work a few things out.

When I first moved to this beautiful place I thought I would never want to share my home environment. But now I have been here for a while I realise it would be a great shame not to share it a few days a year. 
I can't teach here too often as the online teaching is taking off and I need to have the time to interact with the students and develop new online workshops.
For more information about the online workshops have a look at the website -

 The house from my field.

I live on the Loop Head Peninsula in County Clare, Ireland. In the village of Kilbaha. Right on the tip, 2 miles from the lighthouse. It is bit remote, it is 40 minutes to Tescos! But you learn to plan around things like that. Everyone here is so helpful. Willing to help out whenever needed. I was a bit concerned that as a 'blow in', I might not be welcome - this couldn't be further from the truth. 
I had a party a couple of weeks ago to thank my neighbors and the new friends I have made - 45 people arrived at various stages throughout the evening bearing cards, gifts and several bottles of champagne. It was better than I could ever have imagined.

 It is a beautiful area, in a world of it's own. It is rural, the main industry is keeping cattle so it can be very muddy when it rains - and it does - quite a lot. Here on the end of the peninsula we have the Atlantic ocean on one side and the Shannon estuary on the other. The estuary is 10 miles wide at this point. You can see the Kerry mountains across the estuary most days.

There are several award winning restaurants and pubs in the area and lots of good B and B's. Loop Head is part of the The Wild Atlantic Way - www.wildatlanticway

You cannot rush around here, there is usually a tractor on the road or cattle being moved.

 Soft, gently rolling hills of green fields and silvery grey dry stone walls.

The weather is always a talking point, we can have days of glorious sunshine, a few days of rain but mostly it is windy!! There is nothing between me and America, except 2 fields. You don't really come here for the weather. You come for the warm welcome, relaxed way of life and the general feel good factor.

On any given day it can be - 

 Glorious . .

 Thick sea mist .  .
 . . or stormy.

 The hedge rows around County Clare are beautiful, from the first shoots of green in the spring right through to the brambles in the autumn.

 A riot of colour.

 There is little sophistication here, or convenience, which I love. It makes you appreciate things more - the little things - simple pleasures.

 Loop Head lighthouse is 5 minutes drive from my house. Wonderful walks, short, if you are short of time, or a couple of hours if you do have time - and the energy.

 Loop Head lighthouse

 The lighthouse has a great spiral staircase - I do love a spiral.

You can see gulls nesting all along the coast, there is a great view point just past the lighthouse.

The cliffs and their wonderful forms and strata in this area were formed in the Ice Age. They really are something. There is endless inspiration all around.
  . . and wonderful textures.

There are all sorts of local colour and shape to catch your eye.

 Lobster pots on Carrigaholt pier.

 An old, derelict cottage.

The jewel in the crown of Loop Head has to be Kilbaha Gallery.

This wonderful destination is also 5 minutes drive from my house - even closer than the pub. It couldn't be more perfect. The gallery stocks a variety of art from local artists along with local crafts. At the back of the gallery is a colourful and cosy room where they serve fabulous coffee and teas and just gorgeous cakes and pies, all made locally. The gallery is a magnet for the locals and visitors to the area alike. Everyone enjoys having a catch up over a latte and a slice of cake. The gallery also serves as a very knowledgeable and helpful tourist information centre.

 Kilbaha Gallery.

There you have it - if you fancy coming out here for a weekend workshop next year, as part of a holiday in Ireland or for its own sake - watch this space . .


Hello Jill - 22 days to go
Hi Diana - fancy a trip??
Hello Tod - you know this all sooo well. x x x x 



  1. oh wow! what a stunning landscape!

  2. Beautiful. I would love to come over for a weekend workshop. Please add my name to the list if there is one. Thanks. Jo

    1. Hi Jo, can you email me and I will add you to the database -
      Many thanks for your interest. x

  3. Very tempting! I'll drop you an email to be added to the list.


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