Hot Textiles - North Kent Embroiderers Guild June 27th - and feed dogs!!!

Newspaper decorated with painted Bondweb, silk fibres, glitter and transfer foil.

On Saturday I drove over to Meopham in Kent to teach one of my last one day workshops. The workshop was Hot Textiles, working with Bondaweb, Tyvek and Lutrdur/Vilene Spunbond. As some of you will know, I no longer take bookings for one day workshops, you can never get enough done. This workshop was booked 18 months ago. 
Having given a lecture to this group the previous Saturday in Gravesend, I knew I was in for a good day with plenty of fun and laughter. 

We started off painting up the Tyvek, Bondaweb and Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond.
When working with materials that distress with heat, it is important to know how to apply colour to them, most importantly, how thinly to apply the colour. If the paint is applied too thickly, the paint will form a barrier and form a resist to the heat.

The group painting up their products.

The Tyvek is always the first to dry - so we we experimented with that.

This is one of my samples, you need something to look at!! 75gm Tyvek painted with silver paint, once dry it was printed through an ink jet printer, distressed with an iron between baking parchment and decorated with gold transfer foil.

I, of course was so excited with what the students were doing with the Tyvek, I forgot to take photos . . .

I had better luck with the Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond. The group really enjoyed working with this versatile product. We didn't have time to get out the soldering irons but we did have fun with the heat guns.

Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond coloured with watered down acrylic and Inktensesticks. Inktense pencils or sticks are great for colouring Tyvek or Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond as it dries waterproof.

We looked at 'cutting' the Lutradur/Vilene Spunbond with heat guns.

And layering the cut strips . . .

A fabulous edge can be created with a heat gun, As long as the colours are muted, you can see the edges.

Layering up and then choosing the thread to stitch it all together.

Lovely colours, ready to be layered.

Layering and decorating Bondaweb was also popular with the group, such a simple process that can layered with all manner of delights.

Painted Bondaweb ironed onto gold polyester organza, decorated with silk fibres, transfer foil and glitter.

Newspaper decorated with painted Bondaweb and strips of torn fabric.

Black pelmet Vilene light decorated with painted Bondaweb, threads and sequins.

Black pelmet Vilene light decorated with painted Bondaweb, transfer foil, glitter and snips of polyester organza.

 Newspaper decorated with painted Bondaweb, transfer foil, glitter, snips of polyester organza and sequins . . .  in no particular order.
This Guild is very organised and good fun to be with - if you live in the area you fancy joining, and I would recommend it - this is their website.
 You can go to a meeting as a guest, have a look at their lecture timetable - they only have Maggie Grey lecturing on the 18th July. It will be very entertaining.


During workshops there is always chat amongst the group. We got onto the subject of sewing machines and feed dogs, and why feed dogs are called 'feed dogs'. We couldn't work it out between us - so I put it out to the Facebook community (the joy of the internet) and within 10 minutes we had several answers. The most succinct was from Jaqueline Duff-Turner - 

A dog is a device which transmits or prevents movement by clamping or releasing; e.g. A dog clutch which has castellated gears which match to transmit torque or if separated allow the power source to rotate but not the driven shaft. I guess in the case of the four motion feed on a sewing machine the logic would be that the foot clamps and releases the fabric against the toothed or serrated dogs which move it forward or back. Hope this helps.

It all makes sense now - I love having questions answered. There are always questions I can't answer when I am teaching, I love to find the answers and I find the Facebook community very helpful.
Have a great week and enjoy the sun. 


                                         25 days to go Jill - whoo hoo!!!


  1. I was trying to resist the counting... But now you've started bring it on!,,


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