Registering your interest in my online teaching . . .

It's almost here!

I have been getting a lot of requests for me to teach online over the past 2 years. From all over the world. This combined with me wanting to stay at home in Ireland more and slow down a bit has decided me - it is going to happen. Starting in May.
I am currently building a database and everyone who is on the database will be the first to hear what is happening and when. They will also receive the Sonas Studio newsletter (you can opt out). My house in Ireland is called Sonas - it means happiness and well being in Irish. I chose it because it sounded just  . . right.

This year I will be concentrating on my one/two day workshops that will translate well to online workshops. For example -Tinkering with Tyvek, A New Starting Point and Transforming Transfers will be online from May to July.

This all very new to me and I will be having IT help from my good friend Jayne. If you have been to the show at the NEC in March you will have seen her there. She helps me run my stand and the Vlieseline workshops. Jayne also runs all my websites and helps organise me!!

Tyvek corsage.

I get back from New Zealand at the end of this month and Jayne will be coming over to Ireland to set up and film the first workshops and help me get the newsletter sorted. We are planning workshops that will have 2 or 3 short videos with downloadable PDFs. We will be using the platform Rezuku to host and manage all the workshops as recommended by the lovely Nicola Brown. Ace eco dyer and felt maker.

Stitched layers of Tyvek, zapped with a heat gun.

There will be a 2 week window when I will be available to interact with the participants partaking in the workshop. You will still be able to access the workshop after that. Any more than that I don't really know until we start to upload everything on the teaching platform. 
I would expect the first workshop - Tinkering with Tyvek to launch around May 19th - I will let you know. The first workshop will be limited to 50 students at a slightly reduced price. We need to check we have everything right before I cope with a larger number of students.

 The Journey.

From January 2018 I will be launching the longer more in depth course. It will include a 15 minute Skype session with me per module, wherever you are in the world at a time to suit you, providing you have a suitable internet connection. 
This course will be limited to 20 students at a time and will be more expensive than the shorter courses. I will know more about prices for all the courses later next month.
The first module will include my design exercise The Journey. The course will be based on Experimental Textiles, the course that I wrote and developed and have been teaching in various forms over the past 20 years.

I will be publishing my online teaching diary in June once we are up and running and we have resolved any problems that may have occurred. That way - if you want to work with me in real time - you can book some time out of your busy life to have a go at something new - maybe reinforce some prior learning . . . 
It is going to be great fun.

I hope this sounds exciting - as I have more information . .  I will let you know.

I have started a Facebook page and will put up more photos there of the kind of things we will be getting up to. But if you are a frequent reader of this blog - you will already know what will be on offer. If you like and follow the page you will see how I am progressing with my new adventure.

To register your interest in my online teaching and be the first to hear what is happening sign up for my database - please email me at with 'database' in the subject.



  1. I would be interested in on line w/shops too depending on what you choose

  2. Thank you Lesley - could you email me please? x


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