Catching up with friends and online workshop news.

 An amazing array of brushes and mark making tools.

 I have had a bit of time in the UK to catch up with my family and friends over here and get a bit more planning done with Jayne for our Sonas Studio online workshops - more of that further down this post.

 I popped over to Eastbourne today to see Christine Chester.  I have always admired Christine's work, so sensitive and thoughtful. We have always had the chance to have have a quick hello at shows but it was good to sit down and have a good chat and not rush. 

As it is going to be a least a year until I can start work on my studio at home in Ireland, (it's a cow shed at the moment) I thought I might get some inspiration and ideas by having a look at Christine's studio. The studio is called Studio 11. My goodness it is fabulous.

Studio 11 is right next to Eastbourne railway station, so it is very convenient.
It is a bright airy space with plenty of room to move around. Classes are limited to 8 students so they get one huge table each. The studio is very well equipped and has a heat press and printing press amongst lots of other equipment and tools. The studio is print based which leads to all manner of excitements, the main one being stitch.

 All the tables are adjustable height so you can be sure of every comfort as you are working.

 Studio 11 has an amazing range of workshops and retreats with wonderful tutors, some internationals, do check them out.

Christine showed me the work she is creating at the moment - it is inspired by the book The Button Box which traces social history of women through the clothing they wore in the twentieth century. Christine was particularity interested in the fustian work featured in the book. The work shown here is her homage to the workers that worked so hard to create corduroy - by hand!

Rows of thousands of tailors tacks on black painted Bondaweb, so straight and even.

It was really good to see Christine, we have so much in common as we design and work through process.There aren't many of us about. . .  
We managed to find a date when she could come and visit me in Ireland next year and check it out to see if she might like to teach there in 2019. Whhooo hoo!!


The next Sonas Studio online workshop starts enrolling on Friday 21st July. Transforming Transfer will be our third workshop. 
We have learned a lot from the first two workshops. Because the workshops are available to view and work along with for 6 months, several students are working for much longer than I thought - it is amazing. Even students who enrolled on the first workshop then the second one are working both. You never stop learning. Because of this, instead of me just being available for the first 2 weeks of a workshop, I will keep popping in to each workshop to check everyone is OK. This is gong to take up a lot more time than I had planned - but I think it is worth it. If the students want to take to the time to develop their experiments within the workshop, then the least I can do is support them. 
The reason why we decided the workshops will be available for 6 months, is that we all know how life can get in the way of our plans.

 Ironing off your papers . .
  . .  working with resists . .

Once you have painted and printed off your papers the fun can begin - you will be encouraged to try applique - but using a soldering iron to cut the fabric rather than scissors.

Beautiful soldering iron cut applique samples from previous workshops.


A couple of endorsements from Betty and Carry who are on the first 2 workshops and still going . . .

Workshop 1 - Manipulating with Heat and 
Workshop 2 - A New Starting Point 
(there are still places on this workshop)

"The online workshop gives me the chance to watch details on the video whenever I wish for 6 months, with a chance to practice, and receive comments and encouragement from other members and Kim - always ready to guide me. 
This has been an advantage over "live" workshops."
    Betty Dawes

 "Engaging videos with easy to understand instructions. Very pleased with the results of my experiments .The best is waiting for encouraging comments from everyone and it is such a bonus to have Kim's expertise. It’s as though she is leaning over your shoulder with gentle hints and 'go on have a go - play'.
I shall be back for more."
  Carry Garney


Hello Tod - sorry I will miss you tonight. 
Hi Diana, hope you are having a great trip.
Jill, Jill - 4 more sleeps!!

x x x x


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