Fabulous work from online students.

 A Tyvek and polyester organza corsage by Mo Henderson in France.
Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.

A bit of news about the online teaching and how it is going. 
Not having taught online before, I wasn't too sure how it would go. Not having a frame of reference, I could only be guided by what other textile tutors are offering. 
It has been a steep but generally positive learning curve. We had one or two teething problems on the first workshop, Manipulating with Heat - but judging how a lot of the students are STILL producing work on this workshop, we have got everything right now . . . . . .

 A stunning cellophane bead and flower necklace by Mo Henderson.
Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.

 As the workshops are based on a fast paced one day workshop, I thought the students enrolled on the workshops would work through the exercises over a few days, maybe a couple of weeks, depending on how much time they had.
Well the videos went up on May 28th and there is still some fabulous work being created. It would seem that a lot of the students value taking the time to experiment. As the videos will be be available to view for 6 months, I suspect many of the group will pop back now and again to see how everyone is getting on. The students that are continuing to post their samples and experiments are all very supportive of each other. It is quite wonderful to watch how the group are interacting. 
As several more students come back from holiday I expect there will be more experimenting happening this month.

When we started the online workshops I said I would be available every day for the first 2weeks, then every now and then. However, as it would appear the groups want to work longer than I had expected, it only seems fair that I am around to support, discuss and answer any questions. So I will be available for the length of each workshop - the full 6 months, as often as I can. I can't imagine there will still be students working after 5 or so months . .  but then I didn't think they would still working after 5 or so weeks!!!

 2 fabulous samples of distressed and foiled Tyvek by Carry Gorney
Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.

One thing that I am particularly pleased with is that (apart from 2 dissenting voices) the workshops are being enjoyed by beginners up to experienced artists. This has always been my hope. I have long believed that anyone can learn something from any workshop - if it is only to invest the time in your yourself and your experiments. Even if you know every single technique, or think you do, there is always something new to learn.

 Beautiful Tyvek and polyester organza beads by Kathy Gledsdale.
Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.

When you enrol on an online workshop, mine or anyone elses, one of the main things you are investing in is time, to spend on yourself. Time tends to be a bit of a luxury these days, and yes, you are worth it! Self directed study is not for everyone, once the videos have been viewed, it really is up to you. Your tutor can't do your work for you. The sharing of ideas by the students will always be a great benefit for all.

 A great textured Tyvek cuff created by Candace Berry from Arkansas, USA.
 Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.

A great pair of Tyvek earrings and a collar by Frances Taylor living in Ottawa, Canada.
 Online workshop - Manipulating with Heat.

 It is very encouraging to see over half the students on Manipulating with Heat have also enrolled on A New Starting Point which has just gone live. It hadn't occurred to me that people would enrol on more than one workshop, I have a lot to learn. 

A New Starting Point isn't full yet, so we will keep enrollment open until it is - I know a lot of you are on holiday at the moment. A New Starting Point will be available to view until January 7th. You can choose to share your experiments on the website - or work by yourself.

A splendid sample by Catherine Chung. Fabulous layers of torn and layered newspaper and painted Bondaweb that have been stitched and beaded.
Online workshop - A New Starting Point. 

 If you are tempted to join A New Starting Point - this is the link -  


The next workshop to enrol will be Transforming Transfer. Enrolments will start on Friday 21st July with the videos going live on Friday August 18th. Enrolment will stay open until the course is full. The workshop will be available to view and interact up to 18th February 2018. 
We all know that life gets in the way sometimes - this is why the workshops are available for 6 months.


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